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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Polly Barber (Child), daughter of Ichabod Barber, son of Mary Barney (Barber), daugther of Israel Barney, son of Elizabeth Brackett (Barney), daughter of Josiah Brackett, son of Roland Brackett, son of Peter Brackett, son of Richard Brackett, son of William Brackett.]
St. Gregory Church, Sudbury, Suffolk, England
William might have been a member of the St. Gregory parish (one of three parishes) in Sudbury. He requested to be buried in this churchyard. More information and pictures of this grand church can be found at www.suffolkchurches.co.uk/sudburystg.html
However, several family trees suggest he was actually buried at St. Peter's (another parish in Sudbury). See St. Peter's photo. William's great grandson was christened here in 1610.

St. Peter, Sudbury, Suffolk, England

So where was William Brackett buried? Was it here, as many family trees suggest? Or in the churchyard of St. Gregory's, as William had requested in his will? (See photo of St. Gregory's.) For more information and pictures of this beautiful old structure, see www.suffolkchurches.co.uk/sudburystg.html

Last Will and Testament of
William Brackett
"4 May 1575...The will of William Brackett of Sudbury, Suffolck, Butcher, being at this time in perfect memory...my body to be buried in the churchyard of St. Gregoryes...all my houses with the appurtenances in Sudbury which I have shall be sold by Richard Brackett my son and Peter Hallwell of Little Cornard within two years next and immediately ensuing my decease to the most advantage...the money to be disburst in manner and form following...

to Alyce Brackett my wife 40 pounds presently after sale is made. In consideration of it she shall keep William Brackett and Maud Brackett my children and if she die or sale be made, then I will give the same 40 pounds to William Brackett my son and Maud Brackett my daughter to be equally divided between them...

to Edmund Brackett my son 30 pounds to be paid after my houses be sold...if he die, to his children at 21...

to Maud Brackett my daughter 10 pounds which Alyce my wife is to receive and give bond to my executor to pay to Maud at age 18, but if Maud die before 18, the 10 pounds to go to William Brackett my son...

to Richard Brackett my son the residue of the proceeds of the sale...if the said Richard be able to bind the said houses, then I will that he should have the p'forment thereof giving for the same as another man will. Alyce my wife to have the occupation of all my said houses rent free until they be sold...

to George Brackett my brother my mase tipped with silver and all my apparell...

to William Brackett my son and to his heirs my staule in the m'kytte..

to Alyce my wife to recevie the profit thereof until he reaches 21 but if he dies before 21 then the same staule to Maud my daughter...

to Alyce my wife all the movable goods within the houses, one cow and all the swine, except one feather bed and one bolster which lyeth on the bed next to the entry which I do give unto Richard my son...

to Richard Brackett my son all my leases of all those grounds, lands and meadows which I now hold and occupy...all my corn now growing and all my goods, chattles and movables unbequeathed.

Richard to be my executor, Thomas Smyth to be overseer.
Witnesses: Lawrence Newman; Clarke, George Brackett, William Curd, Nicholas Ruggell, John Brackett and Thomas Smythe" with others.
Proved 5 July 1575.

Source: Eight Hundred Years Of The History Of The Name Of BRACKETT The Keepers of the Hounds, by William Brackett 1999-2008, brackettwilliam@yahoo.com

found on ancestry.com

Brackett occupations and Will of Edward
March 1540, Sudbury, Suffolk, England

The following information was obtained from Rootsweb.com (Ada Bickford Ancestry). She suggests that Edward is the brother of William. We have included his will in this record. However, we can find no record to prove Edward was William's brother. It is interesting to note that Edward also asked to be buried at St. Gregory's, just as William had requested. Also of interest, Edward (who was married to Maud) died in 1540, the same year as William's father (William who was also married to a Maud.) Could this Edward possibly have been William's father instead of brother???

William was a butcher and had a shop (or stall as it was called) in Sudbury. He left it to his son, William.

Abbrev: Fifty Great Migration Colonists to New England

Title: Fifty Great Migration Colonists to New England and Their Origins

Author: John Brooks Threlfall

Publication: Madison, Wisconsin 1990

Page: Page 87

William Brackett and Edward Brackett, probably his brother are mentioned in the Military Survey of Sudbury in 1522. William was listed as an able archer and Edward was listed as an able billman. No earlier record of the Brackett name is found in Sudbury.

Both are listed as butchers. One can reasonably assume that they grew up in the trade and learned it from their father who also must have lived in Sudbury. Two years later they both appear again on record as taxpayers in the 1524 Subsidy Return, each down for 4 pence on wages of 20 shillings.

Edward Brackett's will reads:

20 June 1540 The will of Edward Brackett, balie of the town of sudbury, Suffolk, hale of mind and in good and perfect remembrance ...

my body to be buried within the churchyard of St. Gregory in Sudbury ...

to every of my children John, James, Edward, George and faythe 5 marks at age 20 and if Faythe marry before age 20, then on day of marriage ...

to Maud my wife all those my copyhold lease, interest and term of years which I have and hold of the right worshipful Lady Dame Jane Corbett of an in certain lands and pastures lying in Assington, Suffolk, called by the name Perefield ...

Richard Barker of Sudbury to hold and occupy these leases during the nonage of son George Brackett, paying (pounds) 4 13 (shillings) 7 (pence) sterling yearly to Maud my wife and 6 c of fresh wood with the felling making and carrying of the same toward the keeping and bringing up of the same George and Edward my sons ...

Also, to wife Maud a certain lease in lands called Chyllton wente and Ducksdale ...

The resdue of all my goods and cattle, money, plate, debts and implements of household not assigned or bequeathed to Maud my wife whom I make sole executrix.

John Oxburghe of Sudbury, gentleman, and the said Richard Barker to be aydors and comforters to my said wife and for their pains 6 (shillings) 8 (pence) sterling.

Witnesses: John Bannasted, Raulff Feosdike, John Blanche, John Beele, Robert Cooke, Will(iam) Hayward. Proved 19 March 1540/41
found on ancestry.com

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