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ROBERT RAND 1592-1639

[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Mark Anthony Child, son of Increase Child, son of Ephraim Child, son of Priscilla Harris (Child), daughter of Joanna Brewer (Harris), daughter of Elizabeth Rand (Brewer), daughter of Robert Rand.]

Robert Rand in the New World

Robert Rand
Charlestown Pt. II: Robert Rand in the New World
by Hero Trusler

This is what is believed about the first Rand of my ancestry to come to the New World from Ipswich, England in the 1600s:

Robert Rand arrived to settle in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1635. Although there are no records from the ships arriving in 1635 it is thought that Robert, his wife Alice and several children arrived then, based on subsequent known facts. One fact is that Alice was admitted to the Charlestown church in 1635 and then the following year a son was born there. Robert received a Land Grant in 1635 in Charlestown.

Robert and his wife Alice would have been Puritans who like others were seeking religious freedom during a time of tremendous political upheaval in England, a time during which the English Parliament had been dissolved by King Charles and the political system hung in limbo in the years leading to the English Civil War.

The first Puritan ship to drop anchor in Massachusetts was of course the Mayflower in 1620, in Plymouth. Ships continued to arrive and this period of English migration to Massachusetts between 1620 and 1640 is sometimes called The Great Migration. Many early settlers arrived in 1630 on the Winthrop fleets but this did not include Robert who came on an unknown ship a few years after this. By 1640, the wave of migration slowed, in part because of the outbreak of the English Civil War in 1641. Robert and his family stayed and made a life for themselves in Charlestown, Massachusetts, founded in 1628, called Mishawaum by the native tribes. Charlestown was of course part of the larger Puritan settlement, the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
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Robert Rand
Robert Rand arrived to settle in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1635. Although there are no records from the ships arriving in 1635 it is thought that Robert, his wife Alice and several children arrived then, based on subsequent known facts. One fact is that Alice was admitted to the Charlestown church in 1635 and then the following year a son was born there. He received a Land Grant in 1635 in Charlestown. Note: In 1635 Robert was allotted 3 hay-lots, #33 next to Eames. He had a share of 10 acres in the first division on the Mystic side and relinquished 5. In 1638 he obtained 10 lots: 1.) House on the west side of Mill hill-w. Middle st., e. High st.; 2.)1/2 acre Southfield-se. crooked lane, nw. Thomas Lynde, ne. E. Burton, sw. N. Stowers. 3.) 1 1/2 acres Southfield -ne. street, sw. T.L., se. E.B. & John Stratton, nw. common. 4.) 1 acre meadow South Mead- se. mouth of Gibbons river, nw. John Hodge, sold J.H. 5.) 3 cow commons, one bought of Goodman Potter. 6.) 2 acres in Linefield- ne. Mystic river, sw. E. Convers, nw. R. Long, se. B. Hubbard. 7.) 4 acres meadow Mystic marshes- n. creek out of North river, s. woodland, e. William Baker. 8.) 5 acres Mystic field - woodland, w driftway towards North river, e. landway, n. Abraham Palmer, s. James Thompson, W. Frothingham. 9.) 15 acres woods Mystic fields - ne. John Mousel, sw Edward Convers, John Martin, se E. Richardson, sw. Peter Garland. 10.) 37 acres Waterfield - nw. James Brown, Robert Hawkins, se. Ed. Convers, T. Molton, ne. E.R., sw P. Garland. A total of 66 acres, 3 commons and a house. Robert Rand, husbandman (farmer), Charlestown 1635, removed to Lynn, he recieved a bequest from Robert Keane, his former employer.

Robert died in 1639, his widow Alice died and her will dated 22 June 1663 was probated 17 August 1691; bequeaths to sons Nathaniel, Thomas; to grand children John and Edmund, Sanuel and Thomas, and the 4 daughters of her son Thomas."
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published in 1910

The following information about the RAND family is from google books called:

Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the families of the State of Massachusetts, prepared under the supervision of William Richard Cutter, A.M. Historian of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society. New York Lewis Historical Publishing Company ...1910...

"RAND: In the Anglo-Saxon, Danish, Dutch and German languages the word rand signifies a border, margin or edge. It first appears in England as a patronymic in the early part of the fifteenth century, when there were Rands at Rand's Grange, a small town near Bedale, and also in Yorkshire in 1475. In Evelyn's Diary he mentions "his friend, Dr. Rand." The name is found in the London records as early as 1633; in Ripple, Kent, in 1600; in Gateshead, county Durham, in 1578; in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire, Essex and other counties, at later dates. There are numerous coats of arms borne by branches of this family in England. There were three early immigrants of this name to New England, James Rand settled in Plymouth, coming in 1623 on the ship "Ann", but probably returned before 1627. Francis Rand came to Rye, New Hampshire, and has many descendants. Robert Rand is mentioned below.

(I) Robert Rand, immigrant ancestor, came from England, probably in 1635, and settled in Charlestown, Massachusetts, where his wife Alice was admitted to the church in that year, and where, the following year, their son Nathaniel was born. In the town Book of Possessions, dated 1638, mention is made of the property owned by Robert Rand, including one house on west side of Windmill Hill, sixty six acres and "three commons." He died in 1639 or 1640, perhaps at Lynn, where he lived for a time. He received a bequest in the will of Robert Keayne, a former employer. In 1658 his widow Alice Rand and her son, Thomas, jointly, had a grant of thirty four acres of wood land and nine commons. She was a sister of Mary, wife of Captain Richard Sprague, and said to be a daughter of Nicholas Sharpe. Both Captain Richard and his wife left in their wills legacies to member of the Rand family. She died August 5, 1691, at the age of ninety eight years, according to the town record, although given as ninety seven on the grave stone. The will of Alice Rand was made August 22, 1663, but not proved until August 17, 1691. She bequeathed to ther sons Nathaniel and Thomas, grandchildren John, Edmund, Samuel, Thomas and the four daughters of her son Thomas.

Children, probably of a first wife:

1. Robert, settled in Lynn as early as 1649 and died there August 19, 1693, leaving seven children.

2. Margery, born about 1624, died April 12, 1714, aged ninety; married Lawrence Dowse and had nine children.

Children of Robert and Alice (probably). 3. Thomas, born about 1627, mentioned below.

4. Susanna, born about 1630, married, February 8, 1652, Abraham Newell, of Roxbury.

5. Alice, born 1633, died August 11, 1721; married, June 26, 1660, Thomas Lord.

6. Nathaniel, baptized November 3, 1636, sergeant; selectman; married Mary___ and (second) Abigail Carter.

7. Elizabeth, born 1639, died May 1, 1702; married December 6, 1661, Nathaniel Brewer in Roxbury.

(II) Thomas, son of Robert Rand, was born in England, about 1627, died at Charlestown, August 4, 1683. He was a sergeant and cordwainer by trade. He was admitted a freeman in 1660. He married, March 25, 1656, Sarah Edenden, died June 26, 1699, aged sixty three, daughter of Edmund and Eliza (Whitman) Edenden.

Children, born in Charlestown:

1. Thomas, February 1, 1657, married, June 17, 167_, Sarah Longley; drowned in the Mystic river in a canoe accident, October 3, 1695.

2. John, October 6, 1659, died December 19, 1659.

3. Sarah, baptized January 6, 1661, died young.

4. Elizabeth, baptized February 2, 1661, married John Henry.

5. John, born May 25, 1664, mentioned below.

6. Sarah, August 15, 1666, married Thomas White.

7. Robert, April 18, 1668, died of small pox, 1678.

8. Edmund, January 27, 1670, died 1683.

9. Hannah, February 21, 1672, married Nathaniel Frothingham.

10. William, September 11, 1674.

11. Deborah, September 28, 1676, died February 16, 1701.

12. Samuel, May 3, 1679.

(III) John, son of Thomas Rand, was born Charlestown, May 25, 1664, died September 24, 1737. He was a malster by trade. He married (first) December 2, 1685, Mehitable Call, died March 25, 1727, in her fifty ninth year, daughter of John and Hannah (Kettell) Call. He married (second) October 14, 1730, Mary Randall, who died September 22, 1757, aged eighty five, widow of Job Randall.

Children, born in Charlestown:

1. Mehitable, March 27, 1687, married Randolph Davis.

2. Sarah, born and died January 5, 1689.

3. John, March 7, 1690, mentioned below

4. Hannah, February 6, 1692.

5. Jonathan, April 27, 1694.

6. Sarah, July 19, 1696, married, December 22, 1720, John Lamson.

7. Rebecca, November 4, 1698, died January 14, 1699.

8. Benjamin, March 17, 1700.

9. Thomas, March 22, 1702, died October 23, 1722.

10.Caleb, December 6, 1703.

11. Isaac (twin), September 4, 1706, died October 27, 1706.

12 Rebecca (twin), September 4, 1706, died October 27, 1706.

13. Rebecca, July 31, 1708, died November 2, 1708.

14. Edmund, July 2, 1710.

15. Richard, November 19, 1714.
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