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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Mark Anthony Child, son of Increase Child, son of Mary Lyon (Child), daughter of Joseph Lyon, son of Joseph Lyon, son of Sarah Ruggles (Lyon), daughter of Thomas Ruggles, son of Thomas Ruggles.]

Ruggles family history
Historic homes and places and genealogical and personal memoirs ..., Volume 4 edited by William Richard Cutter


"Ruggles : from Rugeley, a local name In Staffordshire. Members of the family who emigrated to New England In 1637 spelled the name Ruggle, and their descendants have It both with and without the s. The arms of Rugeley and Ruggleg are Identical."*— British Family Xunit's, 2nd ed., by Rev. Henry Barber, F. 8. A., London, England.

"Descended from an ancient and respectable family of the name of Ruggeley, though since corrupted to Ruggles, they were, says Sir William Ougdale, gentlemen of good note. In the tenth year of Henry V. they resided at Hawkesbeard, In Staffordshire. Nicholas Ruggeley, Baq., of Hawkesbeard, bought an estate In Warwickshire, and about 1423 removed to Dunton, In the same county. At the beginning of the sixteenth century a younger branch of the family removed first into Lincolnshire and soon after to Suffolk, of which branch was George Rugglea, the author."!— Wright's History of County of Ettex, England.

(I) Thomas Ruggles, of Sudbury, Suffolk, England, Esquire; will made June 21, 1547. His children: i. Nicholas Ruggles, of Sudbury, Suffolk. 2. John Ruggles, of Stanstead, Suffolk, will proved May 19, 1566; 1. Ann Ruggles; 2. Elizabeth Ruggles.

(II) Nicholas Ruggles, of Sudbury, Suffolk. His children: i. Roger Ruggles, married February 23, 1573, Margery Dandye. a. George Ruggles, of Sudbury, Suffolk; will proved May 16, 1616; married June 5, 1575, Alice Dandye. 3. Thomas Ruggles, of Sudbury, Suffolk, and Nazing, Essex. 4. Edward Ruggles. 5. William Ruggles, married October 6, 1577, Mary Brundish. 6. Robert Ruggles, of Lavenham, Suffolk; died June 21, 1605. i. Margery Ruggles, married January 19, 1584, John Drury.

(III) Thomas Ruggles, of Sudbury, Suffolk, and Nazing, Essex. His children: 1. Thomas Ruggles, of Nazing, Essex, and Roxbury, Massachusetts; married Mary Curtis. 2. John Ruggles, of Nazing, Essex, and Roxbury, Massachusetts. 3. Samuel Ruggles. 4. Nathaniel Ruggles. i. Florence Ruggles. 2. Mary Ruggles.

(IV) Thomas Ruggles, of Nazing, Essex, and Roxbury, Massachusetts, (1637); will made November 9, 1644; married November I, 1620, Mary Curtis, sister of William-Curtis, the first of Roxbury. His children: i. Thomas Ruggles, died in England. 2. John Ruggles, baptized January 6, 1625; married Abigail Craft. 3. Samuel Ruggles, born 1629, married Hannah Fowle. i. Sarah Ruggles, married William Lyon.

(V) John Ruggles, of Roxbury, Massachusetts, baptized January 6, 1625; died September 15, 1658: will made September 9, same year; married January 24, 1651, Abigail, daughter of Griffin Craft, the first settler in Roxbury. His children: i. John Ruggles, born January 22, 1654, married Martha Devotion. 2. Thomas Ruggles, born January 28, 1655. 3- Samuel Ruggles, born August 16, 1657.

(VI) John Ruggles, of Roxbury, Massachusetts, born January 22, 1654, died December 16, 1694; married September i, 1674, Martha, daughter of Edward Devotion (De Vaution), a French Huguenot of noble family. His children: i. John Ruggles, born March 16, 1680; married Sarah Tilden. 2. Edward Ruggles, born October 2, 1691, married Hannah Craft. i. Abigail Ruggles, married Thomas Richardson. 2. Martha Ruggles, married Jonathan Smith.

(VII) Edward Ruggles, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, born October 2, 1691, died September 16, 1765; will made December 4, 1764.* Married, June 24, 1716, Hannah, daughter of Samuel Craft, of Roxbury; married (second) Mrs. Abigail Williams. His children (by first wife): i. Samuel Ruggles, born March 29, 1717. 2. Edward Ruggles, born June 22, 1724; married Ann Sumner. 3. Thomas Ruggles, born November 15, 1729. 4. Benjamin Ruggles, born February 19, 1731. i. Hannah Ruggles. 2. Elizabeth Ruggles. 3. Abigail Ruggles.

(VIII) Edward Ruggles, of Pomfret, Connecticut, born June 22, 1724, died December 2 5. X 797; married Ann, daughter of Samuel Sumner, lineal descendant of William Sumner, of Dorchester, 1636, and Robert Tucker, of Weymouth, 1635, and Milton, 1662. His children: i. Benjamin Ruggles, of Pomfret, born August 10, 1747, a soldier in the Revolution; married Elizabeth Durkee; their son was Hon. Benjamin Ruggles, United States Senator from Ohio, 1815-33. 2 - Samuel Ruggles, of Willington, born February 25, 1751, a soldier in the Revolution; married Lucy Robinson. 3. Edward Ruggles, of Pomfret, born April 3, 1763. 4. Thomas Ruggles, of Windsor, Vermont, born August n, 1765; married Elethea Smith: their son was Stephen Preston Ruggles, of Boston, inventor and philanthropist; among his patented devices was the movable platen of the printing press, i. Abigail Ruggles. 2. Elizabeth Ruggles. 3. Ann Ruggles. 4. Hannah Ruggles.

(IX) Samuel Ruggles, of Willington, Connecticut, born February 25, 1751, a soldier of the Revolution; died October 23, 17/8: mar ried September 17, 1772, Lucy, daughter of John Robinson, of Lebanon, lineal descendant of William Robinson, of Dorchester, Samuel Hinckley, of Barnstable, William Peabody, of Duxbury, and John Alden, of Plymouth. His children: i. Ebenezer Ruggles, of Walpole, New Hampshire, born December 17, 1773. 2. John Ruggles, of Rutland, Vermont, born February 3, 1776.

• In Christ Church, Philadelphia, is a silver vessel of the communion service, on which is engraved the Ruggles arms.

tGeorge Ruggles was an active member of the London Company which founded Virginia, and in The William and Mary College Historical Magazine, vol. v, is a short account of his service in colonizing Virginia, and print of the Rvigglcs arms.

*He left for the times a large property. His holdings included the Cambridge estate and others in Roxbury, Newton and Warwick. Massachusetts. Pomfret, Connecticut; and extensive woodlands in Canada.

(X) Major John Ruggles, of Rutland, Vermont, born February 3, 1776. He was a great landholder, and his farm embraced a large portion of the ground now covered by the most populous and important section of the city of Rutland, including both sides of Merchants' Row; his mansion on West street, formerly " Ruggles Hill," is still standing. He died February 19, 1831. He married, December 15, 1807, Eunice, daughter of Phineas Kingsley, of Rutland, a soldier of the Revolution, lineal descendant of John Kingsley, one of the founders of Taunton, and Henry Adams, of Braintree (now Quincy), the ancestor of Presidents John and John Quincy Adams, and the Revolutionary patriot, Samuel Adams. Their children: I. Gershom Cheney Ruggles, of Rutland, born February 3, 1810, married Mary Cheney, daughter of Hon. Moses Leavitt Neal, of .Londonderry, New Hampshire. 2. Henry Bond Ruggles, of Boston and Wakefield, Massachusetts, born July 9, 1813. 3. George Fitch Ruggles, of Aurora, Illinois, born December 12, 1818; married Louisa, daughter of Hon. John Gould, of Essex, New York. I. Julia Sparrow Ruggles, married William H. Elmore, of Peru, New York.

(XI) Henry Bond Ruggles, of Boston and Wakefield, Massachusetts, born July 9, 1813, died November 9, 1897. He married, May 31, 1836, Parna Bird, daughter of Simeon Dunbar, of North Bridgewater; married (second) August 4, 1844, Mary Goodwin, daughter of Jonathan Ross, of Harrison, Maine, granddaughter of Jonathan Ross, of Shapleigh, and John Goodwin, of Arundel, both soldiers of the Revolution, and lineal descendant of Hugh Ross, of Berwick, Daniel Goodwin, of Kittery, Captain Roger Plaisted, of Berwick. Rev. John Wheelwright, the founder of Exeter, New Hampshire, Abraham Preble, of Scituate, ancestor of General Jedediah and Commodore Edward Preble. Nathaniel Tilden, of Scituate, ancestor of Governor Samuel J. Tilden, of New York, Nathan Lord, of Kittery, Anthony Emery, of Newbury, and Maturin Ricker, of Cocheco, New Hampshire.

His children: i. Francis Dunbar Ruggles, born August 17, 1837, of New Orleans, Louisiana; killed in battle, Fredericksburg, Virginia, December 13, 1862, Washington Artillery of New Orleans, Confederate States Army. 2. Henry Stoddard Ruggles, born October 31, 1846, of Wakefield, Massachusetts, i. Mary Elizabeth Ruggles, died in early life.

(XII) Henry Stoddard Ruggles, of Wakefield, born October 31, 1846; married Mary Elizabeth, daughter of William Ryan, of Boston, lineal descendant of James Ryan, Esq., of Kilkeyll, Ireland. His children: i. Henry Ruggles, born February 20, 1879, died January 24, 1881. 2. Francis Dunbar Ruggles, born August 9, 1883. 3. Horace Cheney Ruggles, born June 18, 1887, died February 9, 1888. i. Alicia Ruggles, married Charles Arthur Atwell. 2. Emmeline Ruggles. 3. Mary Rosamond Ruggles. 4. Marguerite Ruggles. 5. Mabel Lyman Ruggles. 6. Louisa Kingsley Ruggles. 7. Lucia Dalton Ruggles. 8. Julia Parker Ruggles.
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Thomas Ruggles
Born: About 1558 – Sudbury, Suffolk, England
Died: June 21, 1647 – Nazeing, Essex, England
Buried: Nazeing, Essex, England

Thomas Ruggles was born in about 1558 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England. He was the third of seven children born to Nicholas Ruggles (1523-1617) and his unnamed wife. Thomas' siblings were Roger (1548), William (1552), Robert (1561), Edward (1562), Margery (1563) and Roger (1564).

Thomas' grandfather was also named Thomas (1497-1547), but was already deceased by the time the younger Thomas was born. Thomas' great-grandfather was named William (born about 1469) and his 2nd great-grandfather was named Rogyll (born about 1444). Nothing is known of these ancestral Ruggles, and very little is known about Thomas himself.

In 1584, Thomas Ruggles, age 26, married Margery Dandridge, age 22. Margery Dandridge's parents are unknown. Thomas and Margery are known to have had three children, Thomas Ruggles, born in 1584 in Sudbury, John Ruggles and Samuel Ruggles.

Thomas Ruggles died at about age 89 in Nazeing, England, and is presumably buried in a local cemetery. It is not known when Margery Dandridge Ruggles died.
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