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ALLEN FLEGG 1575-1632

[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of John Elmer, son of Mary Kibbe (Elmer), daughter of Mary Pratt (Kibbe), daughter of Ebenezer Pratt, son of Mary Flagg (Pratt), daughter of John Bartholomew Thomas Flagg, son of Thomas Flegg, son of Allen Flegg.]

The Flegg Pedigree 24 [Allen Flegg (1570-1632)]

Pages 432-433; Genealogical Notes on the Founding of New England: My Ancestors Part in that Undertaking
By Ernest Flagg
Published by Genealogical Pub. Co., 1973
ISBN 0806305339, 9780806305332
440 pages
Reprint of the 1926 ed.

24. Allen16 Flegg (20. John15, Richard14, John13, James12, William11, John10, John9, William8, Philip7, Philip6, Philip5, Sir John4, Sir John3, Henry2, Algar1), was born some time after 1570, being a son by his father’s second marriage. The proof of his parentage is a passage in the will in 1627 of his elder half-brother, Michael16 Flegg of Shipdham which gives “to my kinsman Michael17 Flegg of Hardingham, son to my brother Allen16 Flegg, 40s. when twenty-four.”

Allen16 Flegg settled as early as 1611 in Hardingham, county Norfolk, a small parish about six miles east of Shipdham. The church here is a rather small stone structure, is mixed decorated and perpendicular architecture, and has a square embattled tower on the south side of the nave, an unusual position for a church tower. Allen16 Flegg was buried in Hardingham churchyard, 21 April 1632, leaving neither will nor administration.

He married at Hardingham, 30 July 1611, Nazareth Devoroys, baptized there 3 April 1586, daughter of Edmund and Ursula (Pitcher) Devoroys.

i. Henry17, baptized in Hardingham, 21 June 1612; settled in the adjoining parish of Reymerston. He married (1), Charity -----, He married (2), Susanna -----, who was buried 8 January 1676/7.
Children by first wife, recorded in Reymerston:
1. Anna18, baptized 21 January 1637/8.
2. John, baptized 27 April 1641.

Children by second wife, recorded in Reymerston:
3. Mary18, baptized 4 April 1651.
4. Henry, baptized 12 March 1654/5.
5. Thomas, baptized 21 March 1657/8.

ii. Michael17, born probably about 1615; was given a bequest in the will in 1627 of his uncle Michael16 Flegg of Shipdham for whom he was evidently named; later settled with his brother Henry in Reymerston where he was buried 12 November 1657. He married Susan -----; she married (2), 4 May 1658, Robert Rose.

iii. Bartholomew17, baptized in Hardingham, 30 May 1619; was evidently named for his much older second cousin, Bartholomew17 Flegg of Shipdham (23, John16, Richard15, Richard14, etc.), born about 1585. These two Bartholomew Fleggs are the only Fleggs of that Christian name found anywhere in Norfolk between 1400 and 1650. Bartholomew17 Flegg of Hardingham learned the trade of worsted-weaver and settled in Mattishall, about four miles north of Hardingham, where he died in 1691.

The will of Bartholomew Flegg of Mattishall, county Norfolk, worsted-weaver, dated 2 July 1686. To my wife Elizabeth, late Elizabeth Goodwin, £10. To my two daughters, Elizabeth Oventon and Katherine Lusher, £7 each. To my said wife, my house and lands in Mattishall for life; at her death they to be sold and the proceeds to be divided among my four children, Thomas and John Flegg and Elizabeth Oventon and Katherine Lusher. Executors, my sons Thomas and John Flegg. Witnesses, Allen Drake, Stephen Grave and Sarah Wharle. Proved by the executors, 19 September 1691. (Archdeaconry of Norfolk, vol. for 1691, fol. 87.)

He married Elizabeth Goodwin.

1. Thomas18, born about 1643; was evidently named for his uncle Thomas17 Flegg the emigrant to America in 1637. These two Thomas Fleggs are the only Fleggs named “Thomas” descended from Richard14 Flegg (born 1500, died 1550), born in four generations of his descendants down to 1645. Thomas18 Flegg was living in 1691 when he proved his father’s will. He married June 1668, Mary Tilney.
2. Elizabeth; married ----- Oventon.
3. John.
4. Katherine; married ----- Lusher.

iv. Thomas17, baptized in Hardingham, 6 May 1621. (The emigrant to New England in 1637.)

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1570-1632 , Shipdham and Hardingham, County Norfolk, England

Allen FLEGG, a son by his father's second marriage, was born and reared in Shipdham.

He settled in Hardingham (about 6 miles east of Shipdham) as early as 1611, the year he married Nazareth DEVOROYS, daughter of Edmund DEVOROYS and Ursula PITCHER.

Allen was buried at St. George’s in Hardingham.
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