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JOHN GOODALE 1540-1625

[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Mark Anthony Child, son of Olive Pease (Child), daughter of Daniel Pease, son of Robert Pease, son of Mary Goodell (Pease), daughter of Robert Goodale, son of Robert Goodale, son of John Goodale.]


Goodale is supposed, with high probability, to be a nickname applied to the maker of seller of good ale ~ a brewer or tavernkeeper.

JOHN GOODALE or GOODALL, a wealthy chandler, lived at Great Yarmouth, the famous port of the herring fishery in county Norfolk, from about 1613 until his death in 1625. His earlier life had been spent in the small market town of Downham, sometimes called Downham Market, still in Norfolk but in the far western end of the county and a few miles south of King's Lynn. Although it is not yet fully proven, he was probably a son of Thomas Goodale, "the elder" and a nephew of Richard Goodale, a tallow chandler of Downham Market who made on July 12, 1587, a will which was proved October 3, 1588.

RICHARD GOODALE, after directing that he be buried in the churchyard at Downham and making a bequest to the poor of the parish, left 40s. apiece to four boys who were not yet twenty-one years old, ROBERT GOODALE, son of THOMAS GOODALE the elder, RICHARD GOODALE son of JOHN GOODALE, and THOMAS and WILLIAM GOODALE, sons of THOMAS GOODALE the younger. To JOGN GOODALE, son of THOMAS GOODALE the elder, he left a message, bought from RICHARD DANBYE, in Downham market upon condition that he pay to RICHARD GOODALE the 9 pounds bequeathed to him by JOHN GOODALE his father. He named JOHN GOODALE, "my nephew," his residuary legatee and executor. Witnesses: Fraunces Parlett, William Lyffen and William Parlett. (Norwich Consistory Court)

From his will, RICHARD GOODALE seems to have been an old bachelor or a childless widower, and presumably all five of the boys were his nephews, as JOHN GOODALE mentioned in his own will in 1625, a brother ROBERT and a cousin RICHARD, the identification seems fairly certain, and we can presume still further that JOHN had been his uncle's apprentice and later his partner in the chandlery business.

JOHN GOODALE, who must have been born about 1563, married in Downham on September 21, 1588, Bridget Portler who bore him seven children and was buried in Downham on November 24, 1607. His second wife, whom he married before 1610 was a young widow, Elizabeth (Parlett) Taylor, who brought two Taylor children, Peter and Susan, into the Goodale household and added in new Goodales. The name of her Taylor husband has not been determined
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