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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Mark Anthony Child, son of Increase Child, son of Ephraim Child, son of Priscilla Harris (Child), daughter of Joanna Brewer (Harris), daughter of Elizabeth Rand (Brewer), daughter of Alice Sharpe (Rand).]

Birth: unknown
Death: August 5, 1691
Burial: Phipps Street Burying Ground, Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Plot: 3F43
Find A Grave Memorial# 51164081
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Arrival in Charlestown, Massachusetts 1635
Robert Rand arrived to settle in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1635. Although there are no records from the ships arriving in 1635 it is thought that Robert, his wife Alice and several children arrived then, based on subsequent known facts. One fact is thatAlice was admitted to the Charlestown church in 1635 and then the following year a son was born there. He received a Land Grant in 1635 in Charlestown. Note: In 1635 Robert was allotted 3 hay-lots, #33 next to Eames. He had a share of 10 acres in the first division on the Mystic side and relinquished 5. In 1638 he obtained 10 lots: 1.) House on the west side of Mill hill-w. Middle st., e. High st.; 2.)1/2 acre Southfield-se. crooked lane, nw. Thomas Lynde, ne. E. Burton, sw. N. Stowers. 3.) 1 1/2 acres Southfield -ne. street, sw. T.L., se. E.B. & John Stratton, nw. common. 4.) 1 acre meadow South Mead- se. mouth of Gibbons river, nw. John Hodge, sold J.H. 5.) 3 cow commons, one bought of Goodman Potter. 6.) 2 acres inLinefield- ne. Mystic river, sw. E. Convers, nw. R. Long, se. B. Hubbard. 7.) 4 acres meadow Mystic marshes- n. creek out of North river, s. woodland, e. William Baker. 8.) 5 acres Mystic field - woodland, w driftway towards North river, e. landway, n. Abraham Palmer, s. James Thompson, W. Frothingham. 9.) 15 acres woods Mystic fields - ne. John Mousel, sw Edward Convers, John Martin, se E. Richardson, sw. Peter Garland. 10.) 37 acres Waterfield - nw. James Brown, Robert Hawkins, se. Ed. Convers, T. Molton, ne. E.R., sw P. Garland. A total of 66 acres, 3 commons and a house. Robert Rand, husbandman (farmer), Charlestown 1635, removed to Lynn, he recieved a bequest from Robert Keane, his former employer. Robert died in 1639, his widow Alice died and her will dated 22 Jun 1663 was probated 17 Aug 1691; bequeaths to sons Nathaniel, Thomas; to grand children John and Edmund, Sanuel and Thomas, and the 4 daughters of her son Thomas."
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