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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Polly Barber (Child), daughter of Ichabod Barber, son of Mary Barney (Barber), daugther of Israel Barney, son of Elizabeth Brackett (Barney), daughter of Elizabeth Waldo (Brackett), daughter of Hannah Coggswell (Waldo), daughter of John Coggswell, son of Edward Coggswell, son of Robert Coggswell.]

Robert COGSWELL; was born in 1510 and baptized on November 30, 1510 in Westbury Leigh, England. He was a manufacturer of wollen cloth. "Tax records of 1545 show them [the five brothers] quite well established, especially Robert, who was the grandfather of John Cogswell, the immigrant to America in 1635."

He married Alice Adlam, the daughter John Adlam and Marjorie____ circa 1541. She was born circa 1518 and was buried on August 1, 1603 in Dilton, Wiltshire, England. They had the following Children:-

Robert born 1562; baptized April 1604; died 1587



Roger; married Ann Goodridge; of Warminster; Children:- Elinor baptized 1613; Edward baptized 1614


Johnimus; born June 10, 1563; buried 1569

Stephen; buried November 1609


Richard; buried, November 11, 1605

Joane; baptized May 8, 1573; married H. Freestone

Anna; born March 18, 1573.

Margaret; married 1----; married 2. William Franklene

Margery; married John Whateley on May 20, 1588

Edith; (Her name may have been Alice); married Thomas Stevens on February 7, 1596. They rem. to London. Child:- Margery Stevens

Roger; buried November 28, 1643; married Frances Goodridge on December 1, 1606.
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From http://alumni.media.mit.edu/~kristin/fambly/Cogswell/CogswellName.html

COGSWELL FAMILY LINE.pdf of the Cogswell Family Register Report .pdf of the Cogswell Family Descendant Chart

Jameson claims that the Cogswell name is tied in with the town of Coggeshall, Essex, England. This town dates to Roman times, when it was called Canonium. When the Saxons ruled, the name became Coed Garr's Hall, with its subsequent morphing to Coggashael in the time of Canute the Dane and finally to the modern Coggeshall[3]. The family supposedly lost its standing during the time of Henry VI and suffered its own diaspora around England at that time[3].

In 1046, Coggeshall was turned over to the Church in support of the Benedictine Monks of Canterbury, with the Abbey being officially founded as a Cistercian Order in 1139 at the behest of King Stephen and Queen Matilda[3].

In 1337, the M.P. from Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England was one Johanus Coggeskale. Jameson then refers the reader to The Annals of Coggeshall by Bryan Dale and The Chronicles of Ralph de Coggeshall (Latin text)[3].

Supposedly, the Cogswells originated in Essex and moved west to Westbury, Wiltshire, England. Westbury is in the Domesday Book with the entry "The King holds Westburie. Queen Editha held it, and it paid geld for 40 hides." Queen Editha held the area in 1044. She was consort of King Edward the Confessor[2].

Westbury's Arms were officially registered with the Heralds in the year 16 Elizabeth (1573). Supposedly, they are identical to John of Gaunt (fourth son of Edward III, bore). It was granted its charter of incorporation by Henry IV. Jameson says, "It is a parish forming the Hundred of Westbury, County of Wilts, and comprising the borough of Westbury, the chapelries of Bratton and Dilton, and the townships of Hawkeridge, Hayward, and Leigh, and containging about seventy thousand inhabitants, upward of two thousand of whom are in the town of Westbury. This town is twenty four miles northwest from Salisbury and ninety-eight miles west by south of London. The place is of great antiquity. It occupies the site of the old Roman military and trading station, Verlucio..."[2] Supposedly, this town was the seat of the West Saxon Kings. The Avon flows nearby. The major industry of this town was clothing[4].

Name Variations Include: Cogswell, Coggswell, Cosewell, Cogshall, Cogswel, Coggeshall, Hoggeshale, Cogesholl, Cogeshole, Coggashael, Cogshol, Coxhall, Cockshall, Coggshale. Coggeshall and Cogswell were fairly interchangeable in England, but in America they are two distinct families descended from two different men[2].

Cogswell Coat Of Arms: The Ancient Family Arms are:Argent, a cross between four escallops sable.Crest, a stag lodged sable attired or.Motto, "Hec sperno nec timeo"[2].

G11. Robert COGSWELL m. Ann [surname not known] 15008/15009

G10. Edward COGSWELL m. Alice [surname not known] 7504/7505

G9. John COGSWELL m. Elizabeth THOMPSON 3752/3753

G8. John COGSWELL m. [not known] 1876/1877

G7. John COGSWELL m. Margaret GIFFORD 938/939

G6. Moses HAWKES m. Margaret COGSWELL 468/469
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