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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Mark Anthony Child, son of Increase Child, son of Mary Lyon (Child), daughter of Elizabeth Phillips (Lyon), daughter of Caleb Phillips, son of Richard Phillips, son of Nicholas Phillips, son of Abigail Sewell (Phillips), daughter of Margaret Grazebrook (Sewell).]

Margaret Grazebrook - 1556http://www.cyberancestors.com/cummins/ps13/ps13_226.htm

Name Margaret Grazebrook, Female
Birth Date 1556
Birth Place Middleton, Warwickshire, England
Death Date 1629; Age: 73
Death Place England
Father Alverey Grazebrook, Male (~1530-1576)
Mother Margaret Keene, Female (->1575)

Misc. Notes
The surname of the Greysbrooke family is derived from a place so-called near Rotherham, County Yorkshire. A suburb of Rotherham is known as “Greasborough” at the present time, and was a separate village within living memory. Roger de Gresbroke (in the time of Henry II, 1154- 1189) is mentioned as holding the fee of Alice, Countess of Ewe, daughter of William de Albiney, Earl of Arundel, by Queen Adeliza, relict of Henry I. The ancient arms of Gresebrooke are described as: "Argent, three coneys feeding gules"; which means: "a silver or white shield with three red rabbits in a feeding position". The information presented here, along with the various spellings of the name, have been taken from Dr. Jackson Howard's "Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica" (1899).

Generation One
Bartholomew de Gresebroke, a younger son, left the paternal estates in Yorkshire and settled at Shenston, County Staffordshire. He acquired from Robert de Grendon about 1204 and before 1214 the old manor house of the De Brays, afterwards called Gresbrok Hall, and an estate in Shenston. A new manor house had been built about 1190-5. Shenston had been held by the De Brays since before 1127, and Bartholomew was infeuded subject to the same service to the chief lords, which explains the unusual tenure which was disclosed in January 1297 when the heriot was declared by which Gresebrok Hall and the estates were held; viz. "a horse with saddle and bridle, aketon and lorica, and other arms appurtenant" on the death of each tenant. At this point in history, the aketon, (also acton, auqueton, hacketon, etc.) appears to have been a heavily padded garment worn under the lorica, which was leather or iron breastplate.

This unusual tenure suggests strongly that Bartholomew and his descendants were all or mostly knights. Some instances indicate that the possession of a certain income entailed the right, perhaps the necessity of knighthood; while others seem to restrict it entirely to those who personally went to war. Kings, great commanders and great clergy constantly created knights, and there are many cases of knights creating other knights, including their own sons and the sons of others.

Bartholomew also held lands at Ashfurlong, now in the parish of Sutton-Colefield, and is mentioned in documents circa 1214 - 1242. Died: before 1268; Married: Edith Bartholomew de Gresebroke and Edith had the following children:
Adam de Gresbroke, who succeeded his father in his estates, and was in possession in 1268. Adam d.s.p. (decessit sine prole, died without issue) before 1294 and was succeeded in the estates by his brother. Robert de Gresebroke

Generation Two
Robert de Gresebroke succeeded his brother Adam in the possession of the estates and is mentioned in documents circa 1274-1297. Died: before 1305 Robert de Gresbroke had a son: Robert de Gresebrooke

Generation Three
Robert de Gresebrooke inherited Gresbrok Hall and the same estates and is mentioned in documents circa 1308-1322. Robert de Gresebrooke had a son: Robert de Gresbroke

Generation Four
Robert de Gresbroke was referred to as "miles" or "militibus" (a knight or soldier knight) when he appeared as a witness to a charter on February 12, 1345. Robert is mentioned in documents circa 1323-1348. Died: 1348 Robert de Gresebrooke had two sons: William de Gresbroke and John de Gresbroke who witnessed three charters dated 1348.

Generation Five
William de Gresbroke inherited Gresbroke Hall and the same estates and purchased Swetewallemor in Shenston in 1348. William de Gresbroke had two sons: John de Gresbroke and William de Gresbroke, who had letters of protection for a year, going to set out for foreign parts on November 15, 1340.

Generation Six
 John de Gresbroke inherited the same estates and sold Swetewallemoor. John is mentioned in documents circa 1370-1383. Died: circa 1383 John de Gresbroke had a son: John de Gresbroke

Generation Seven
John de Gresbroke inherited the same estates after April, 1383. John is mentioned in documents circa 1385-1407. Died: circa 1410 John de Gresbroke had a son: John de Gresebroke

Generation Eight
John de Gresebroke inherited the same estates after 1407 and before 1413. John is mentioned in documents circa 1407-1445. John de Gresebroke had a son: John Gresbrooke

Generation Nine
John Gresbrooke de Shenston inherited Gresbroke Hall and the same estates. John is mentioned in documents circa 1473-1506. Died: before 1509 John Gresbrooke had two sons:
John Greysbroke who succeeded to Gresbroke Hall and the Shenston estates, and was referred to as John Greysbroke Junior during his father's lifetime and as John Greysbroke Senior after his father's demise circa 1509.
John Gresbrooke of Middleton, a younger brother with the same Christian name who was referred to as John Gresbrooke of Middleton. Two brothers with the same Christian name are of frequent occurrence for 300 years before this and perhaps 100 years after.

Generation Ten
John Gresbrooke of Stoke Hall in Middleton who succeeded to an estate and Stoke Hall in the parish of Middleton, Warwickshire; less than 6 miles from Gresbroke Hall and the Shenston estates in Staffordshire where his elder brother lived. Relative to John's will, Dr. Jackson Howard states in his Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica (1899): "Proved at Lichfield 1542... This will mentions 'that syde of the Crofte next the ffrthynge lane' - an old cottage now stands about a field away from the junction of Farthing Lane with the name Stoke End. This was the site of Stoke Hall. At the bottom of a field falling away at the back lies a pond, now nearly dried up, but still known by the name of 'the great lake'" Died: 1542; Married: Isabell who died in 1554, John Gresbrooke and Isabell had the following children: John Gresbrooke, eldest son. Apparently, there was some discord in the family. John's father had stipulated in his will "... my sone Alverey shall have yt and no other man." In her will, John's mother Isabell named her son John and her son Alverey "desyryng hym to be good to his brethern and systrs". However, her husband did not name John; and after court proceedings, Dr. Jackson Howard states in his Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica (1899): "Alverey therefore turned him out with violence"

Alverey or Alured Greysbrooke

Robert Greysbrooke who married Emmes or Emmot. Robert died in January 1588/9 and Emmes died in December 1605. They had two sons, Robert and Hugh. Robert, the eldest son, eventually succeeded to the Middleton estates as heir to his uncle Alverey and Hugh succeeded to his father's property in Hints.

Henry Gresebrooke who married Elizabeth. Henry died in April 1557. They had two sons, Richard Greisbrooke and Nicholas Greisbrooke.

Hugh Gresbrooke

Margaret Gresbrooke who married Mr. Shurrocke

Elizabeth Gresbrooke who married Mr. Hylley

Generation Eleven
Alverey Greysbrooke, the second son who inherited the whole of Middleton estates and Stoke Hall. Alverey is mentioned in documents circa 1540-1575. His will is dated September 24, 1575, was proved at Lichfield March 7, 1576 and the inventory was dated January 4, 1575/6. Died: 1575 or 1576.

Married Margaret Keene, daughter of Thomas Keene of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire. Margaret's mother was Margaret Gibbons, eldest daughter of William Gibbons of Little Sutton and his wife Agnes Harman; who was a younger daughter of William Harman (died 1470) of Moor Hall and Joan Squire (died 1523) who was a daughter of Henry Squire. Agnes Harman was the sister of John Harman alias Vesey, Bishop of Exeter from 1519 to 1554.

Alverey Greysbrooke and Margaret Keene had the following children:

Margaret Greysbrooke who married before September 1575 to Henry Sewall, Mayor of Coventry in 1578 and 1606. Henry Shewell's will is dated September 1, 1624, and he died April 6, 1628 at 84, therefore he was born in 1544. Margaret's will is dated May 7, 1628 and was proved November 23, 1629, and both lie buried in the Drapers' Chapel in St. Michael's, Coventry.

Margaret Grazebrook1
Female, born circa 1556, died 1629
Margaret Grazebrook, born c 1556\nd. 1629p198.htm#i2Alverey Grazebrookd. 1576p198.htm#i221Margaret Keenep257.htm#i234John Grazebrook (Junior) of Stoke Hallp198.htm#i5254Isabel (Unknown)d. 1554p5.htm#i5255Thomas Keened. 27 Dec 1559p258.htm#i612Margaret Gibbonsp185.htm#i5256ChartsDescendants of Henry Sewell of Coventry

Margaret Grazebrook is also recorded as Margaret Gresbrook and in some places as Greysbroke and even Greystoke. She was born circa 1556. She was the daughter of Alverey Grazebrook and Margaret Keene. Margaret Grazebrook married Henry Sewall, son of William Sewall and Matilda Horne, before September 1575.4 Margaret Grazebrook made a will in Coventry "Margaret Sewall of the city of Coventry aged three score and twelve years and upwards, 7 May 1628, proved 13 June 1632. To be buried in the Drapers chapel in the parish church of St. Michael near unto the body of my late husband there lately buried. To Richard Sewall my youngest son, and Anne Power, my daughter, wife to Anthony Power of Kenelworth gent., and to Margaret Randell now wife to Abraham Randell of the City of Coventry gent, one annuity or yearly rent charge of eleven pounds eight shillings issuing out of certain lands in Wytherley, Leicestershire, and Ansley, Warwickshire, and late in the tenure or occupation of Elizabeth Throckmorton &c. And I do forgive unto Henry Sewall, my eldest son, his offences wherein and whereby he hath sundry times offended me beseeching Almighty God to give him a heart to deal conscionably with his brother and sisters as he would be done to, unto whom I give, I mean to my said son Henry Sewall, twelve pence in money. The residue to Richard Sewall, my son, Anne Power, my daughter, and Margaret Randell, my daughter, trusting that they will lovingly live together in peace and unity all the days of their lives. They to be executors and loving friends Thomas Basnett of Coventry, mercer, and John Rogerson of the same city, draper, to be overseers.Wit. Thomas Basnet, John Brownell, Sam: Brownell."
She died in 1629. Administration of her estate was granted on 23 November 1629. She was buried in St. Michael's Church, Coventry.

Children of Margaret Grazebrook and Henry Sewall
Henry Sewall+ born 8 April 1576, died March 1656/57
Richard Sewall+ born 1578, died 1638
Margaret Sewall died May 1646
Anne Sewall+ born 1580, died between 15 January 1633 - 30 April 1633

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Margaret GRAZEBROOKMargaret GRAZEBROOK was born in 1556 in Stroke Hall, Middletown, Warrick, England. She died on 7 May 1629 in Coventry, Warwickshire, England. She was buried in St. Michael's Church, Coventry, England. Richard Sewall proved the will of his mother in Coventry, Warwickshire, England in 1629.
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WillMargaret left her eldest son Henry out of her will for "previous offenses" against her and his siblings, except that she did will him "twelve pence in money" Genealogical Gleanings in England, Vol. II, pg. 1415.
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