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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Hannah Benedict (Child), daughter of Hannah Carter (Benedict), daughter of Hannah Benedict (Carter), daughter of Deborah Waters (Benedict), daughter of Jonathan Waters, son of Rachel Rose (Waters), daughter of Dorthy Conkling (Rose), daughter of John Conkling.]

From "The Conkling-Prosch family"
"The Conkling-Prosch family: with some references to the Dotter, Roe, Reynolds, Brooks, Mapes, Elder, McCarver and other connections"

John Conkling was born about the year 1600, the exact date being unknown. That he was older than Ananias is reported but not proved. It may have been the other way. Their father in Massachusetts I 3 is said to have been Ananias, and this being true there were four Johns and four Ananiases among- the Conklings of the first few generations. With them given names were Bible nanus, the first men being known chiefly as Ananias, John, Benjamin, Jeremiah, Jacob, David, Daniel, Samuel, Thnothy, Thomas, Joseph and the like, better names, it may be said, than Peleg, Difficulty, Resolved, Consider, Fear, Silence, Captivity, Repentance and others of their kind given to the children of the period, often without regard to sex or sense. It may be assumed that Ananias was chosen as a name in remembrance of the one in the New Testament whose record was good rather than the one who has come down to us in connection with falsehood. John was married in Saint Peter's Church, Nottinghamshire, January 24th, 1625, his wife being Elizabeth Alsaebrook. It is supposed they lived in England about ten years after marriage, the last positive occurrence there of which we have date being the birth of a son, in 1634. It is reported that they came to Boston the following year, but the first authentic account of the family is from Salem, early in 1638. Their children are said to have been John, Jacob, Elizabeth, Rebecca and Timothy. The baptism of Jacob and Elizabeth occurred on the 29th day of the 1st month of 1643. The records of Salem and Massachusetts do not have as much to say of John as of Ananias. He may have been more retiring. It does not appear that he was a freeholder, nor did he acquire land so early or so often. Possibly the records are at fault, there being more omissions in his case than in the other. John was one of the four "glassmen," whose enterprise was the first of its kind on the American continent. He also was a tiller of the soil, and is historically noted as a churchman. He became interested in the settlements to the south and west, and about the year 1650 made his home at Southold, Long Island, his family going with him, and being followed in 1653, or a year or two sooner maybe by Ananias Conkling and his family, all except one son, Cornelius.
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