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EDWARD ELMER 1610-1676

[Ancestral Link: Lura May Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of John Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of John Elmer, son of John Elmer, son of Edward Elmer.]

Edward Elmer 1613 died 1676
Founders Monument, Centre City Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut

Edward Elmer 1613-1676

Founders Monument Detail

Erected by
The Society of the Founders of Hartford
AD 1986
To Commemorate the 350th Anniversary of the City
This Stone Replaces the Original Sandstone Monument of 1837

Entrance on Gold Street

Birth: 1613, England
Death: 1676, Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA

Born by about 1613, based on grants of land at Cambridge (and as early as 1608 if he was sixty years old when relieved of watching and warding and training). Came to Massachusetts Bay in 1632 on the "Lyon," and first settled in Cambridge. Moved to Hartford, Connecticut, then Northampton, Massachusetts in 1655, and Podunk, Connecticut in 1660. Died in Hartford by 6 June 1676 (said to have been killed by the Indians). Married by about 1644 Mary _____; she outlived her husband and married (2) Thomas Catlin. William W. Johnson claimed in 1899 that Edward Elmer was from Braintree, Essex, England, as did Theo. J. Elmore in 1880. This is certainly possible given his presence on the Lyon in 1632, but there is no direct evidence for this proposed origin. Banks suggested that Elmer was from St. Mary Bow, London, citing only "Banks Mss."

Burial: Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA
Find A Grave Memorial# 35817379
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Edward Elmer
During the tyrannical reign of Charles I of England, thousands of pious and wealthy persons left their homes in Great Britain to make new homes in the wilderness of the New World.  Among those who came to New England was Edward Elmer, the No. 1 of the family line traced in this work.  No record of his birth and parentage has yet been found, but he probably was born about 1610.  He came from Braintree, Essex County, and took passage for new England from the Port of London in the ship Lion, Captain Mason, master, June 22, 1632*, and arrived in Boston September 16, 1632.  Settled first in Newton, now Cambridge, but in 1636 he was one of the company who went with Reverend Thomas Hooker through the wilderness to the Connecticut River and settled at Hartford, Connecticut, and Mr. Elmer was one of the original proprietors of that town, where some of his descendants still live, one of whom is Hon. Samuel E. Elmore, President of The Connecticut River Banking company, who collected the records of the early generations found in this book, and has in his possession other Elmer records sufficient to make a large volume.  Edward Elmer was probably married in Hartford.  His wife's name was Mary ___.  Her family name is not known.  He was killed by Indians during King Philip's war at Podunk, now South Windsor, Connecticut, in June, 1676.


I. John, born about 1645, died December 24, 1711
II. Samuel, baptized March 21, 1647, died April 1691
III. Elizabeth, baptized July 15, 1649
IV. Edward, born 1654, died October 31, 1725
V. Joseph, born 1656, died in infancy.
VI. Mary, born 1658
VII. Sarah, born 1664.

*In the Original List of Persons who left Great Britain form the American plantations between 1600 and 1700, edited by John C. Hotten, published in London, 1874, is found on page 150 as follows:  XXIJ Junij 1632, the names of such men transported to New England to the plantation there P cert: from Capt. Mason, have tendered and taken the oath of allegiance, according to the Statute," In this list is found the name of Edward Elmer.
Elmer Elmore Genealogy, Records of the Descendants of Edward Elmer, of Braintree, England, and Hartford, Connecticut, through his Son Edward 1632-1899.  Compiled by Rev. William W. Johnson.
Found in catalog of

Edward Elmer and his immigration to the United States on the ship Lyon:

Lyon/Lion - the ship is spelled both ways in the history books.  The history of Cambridge, Massachusetts has Lion, as does the history of Hartford, Connecticut.  One ship passenger list has Lyon, another has Lion.

The ship Lyon/Lion is famous in the immigration early to Massachusetts under Captain William Pierce.  Captain Pierce was equally noted for his skillful seamanship and his sympathy with the policies of the Puritan leaders.

In 1630, 1631, and 1632, the ship Lion made four voyages in quick succession under Captain Pierce's guidance with regularity and safety.  On one voyage, the arrival of the Lion saved the new settlement from starvation and death by its timely arrival of provisions and anti-scorbutics.

Captain Pierce had previously sailed to Plymouth in 1623 as master of the Anne of London, bringing the last lot of passengers to the pilgrim settlement.  Captain Pierce came from the Ratcliffe Parish of Stepney, London.  He made a voyage in 1629 as master of the Mayflower (not the Pilgrim ship) to Salem.  Thereafter, Captain Pierce was in constant traffic of passengers and merchandise across the Atlantic.

Captain William Pierce was killed by Spaniards in 1641 while on a voyage to the island of New Providence in the Bahama group.  Some records list Captain Mason as master of the Lion because he was the one who endorsed certificates of men who had tendered and taken the oath of allegiance to the statute.  Captain Mason did not, however, make the trips.

On Edward Elmer (Elmore) it is stated on one list of immigrants that he came from the parish of St. Mary Bow and sailed from London.

In one of the  more detailed ship lists of passengers arriving on the Lion, it states that there were 123 passengers, including 50 children.  This would indicate that the original Edward Elmore was married before coming to the United States.  Possibly the Edward we now of who was killed by Indians is a son of the first Edward, and possibly Richard is his brother, and possibly Samuel, Sheriff of Suffolk, England, is the first Edward's father???

(The above information was gathered by Charles Miller.)
The Elmer Family, Compiled by Ellison L. Elmer, April 1993


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