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SAMUEL SMITH 1645-1730

[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Hannah Benedict (Child), daughter of Hannah Carter (Benedict), daughter of Hannah Benedict (Carter), daughter of Thomas Benedict, son of Rachel Smith (Benedict), daughter of Samuel Smith.]

Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith was born in 1646 at Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, the son of William and Magdalena (Wait) Smith. As a young man he removed to Norwalk, Connecticut. His name is on the list of the first settlers and his father's is not.

Samuel Smith married Rachel Marvin (daughter of Mathew Marvin and Elizabeth Marvin) from Hartford, Connecticut, 1671. Perhaps Samuel 's parents lived in Hartford, Connecticut, for a few years and the couple settled at nearby Norwalk, Connecticut, after they married. A William Smith is listed as a first settler of Elizabeth City, Connecticut, which is in Hartford County. Samuel Smith spent his entire married life at Norwalk and died there in 1735. Samuel and Rachel Smith had the following children: Rachel and Lydia.
Sources: Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut: Historical Records, 1847.
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The following are excerpts from the Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut: Historical Records, 1847, copied verbatim:
"The following notices of the first settlers of Norwalk, I find in the "Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the City of Norwalk, CT": Samuel Smith is included in the list of names."
"The Estates of Commonage of the Inhabitants of Norwalk, Presented and Accepted by the towne, January the 3d, 1687: Samuel Smith, 204£ 15s. 00d""At a towne meeting held in Norwalk, January the 16th, 1694; at sayed meeting, the towne made choyse of ten of their inhabitants as the Towne committee, viz., Serj'nt John Platt, Matthew Marvin, Serj'nt Christopher Comstock, Serj'nt John Bouton, Samuel Hayes, John Benidick, James Olmsted, Ensign John Beldin, Ralph Keeler, Samuel Smith; and comissioned they their said committee, in the behalfe of the towne (viz.) as followeth; they are to exercise their best prudence for to look out for, and endeavor what in them lyeth, in the use of all lawfull meanes, for to obtaine a faithfull Minister and Dispenser of the word of the Gospell to us in this place; and in order thereunto, they are to send forth their requests or invitations according to their best prudence and judgment to that end, either by writing or by messenger, or both, as the major part of the committee shall agree; and they their sayd committee are to order and take care for his entertainment when obtained; while the Towne doth hereby engage for to discharge and pay all necessary charges arising therefrom." "Thomas Benedict took to wife Rachel Smith, the daughter of Mr. Samuel Smith, of Norwalk, and was married to her May 13, 1697."
"December 30, 1701. Whereas the inhabitants of the towne of Norwalk, have had possession of severall Islands lying adjacent to their township, and allso improvement of them forty yeares, and longer, without being interrupted by any persons laying claime and prosecuting their claime in due forme of law, the sayd towne having had quiett possession long before the sayd law of possession was enacted, and ever since; the select men and justice doe in the name of sayd towne and for their behoofe, enter and record unto the sayd towne, them, their heires and assignes for ever; namely Cockenoes Island known by sayd name, and Mamachimons Island, and the Long Island, and Camfield's Island, known by sayd names, and all other Islands lying in or adjacent unto the towneshipp of Norwalk; to the legallity of this record we whose names are hereunto sett and subscribed, our names and hands.
James Olmstead, Justice and Recorder. Samuel Smith, Townsmen. Thomas Betts, Townsmen. Samuell Belden, Townsmen. Samuell Betts, Townsmen. Samuell Marven, Townsmen." "December 1704. Allso, the towne made choyse of Thomas Betts, senr., Samuell Smith, senr., and Ralph Keeler, senr., they to seat the meeting house according to the order of the towne. The towne made choyse of a committee, vizt.; James Olmstead, John Benedick, senr., Samuel Smith, senr., Zerubabell Hoyt, Thomas Betts, senr., Ebenezer Sension, Joseph Platt, persons with whom the towne have left that affaire, vizt., the seating of the meeting house; and they the sayd committee to order and determine that matter according to their best discretion; they to have respect to age, quality, and the estates of persons in the publique list, and the towne to abide their determination." "James Lockwood took to wife Lidia Smith, the daughter of Mr. Samuil Smith, and was married October 23, 1707."
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