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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of Sarah Peak (Elmer), daughter of Joanna Ellingwood (Peake), daughter of Joanna Hunt (Ellingwood), daughter of Ephraim Hunt, son of Judith Torrey (Hunt), daughter of William Torrey, son of Phillip Torrey.]

From http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jsggenealogy/Jsgordon/d78.htm#P159
7680. Philip Torrey died about 1621 in Probably Combe St. Nicholas, Somerset, England. He was born in Probably Combe St. Nicholas, Somerset, England. Philip Torrey lived all his life in Combe St. Nicholas in Somerset, and was listed in the records there as a husbandman, although his landholdings must have been fairly extensive. Not much is known about him or his wife, but both their wills have survived and show them to be people of considerable means. He left specific bequests amounting to 173 pounds and his wife left hundreds of pounds more, with the residue going to their eldest son, William. Philip left the residue to his wife but left to William his "biggest brazen pot, the furnace kettle, the best table board, the cupboard with this condition that his mother shall have use of it so long as she doth keep herself widow and dwelling in the house." He was married to Alice Richards on November 27 1604 in Pitminster, Somerset, England.
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Philip Torrey (1585-1621)
Philip Torrey had at least 4 sons who migrated to Massachusetts in 1640:
1. William III (1608-1690) in 1629 married Jane Haviland (1612-?), descendant of the Neville-Percy-Grey-de Guise line. Jane died in England. So Henry came with 2 small sons. He settled at Weymouth Massachusetts.
2. James (1612-1665) settled at Scituate Massachusetts.
3. Philip III (1615- ) settled at Roxbury Massachusetts.
4. Joseph (1621- ) moved on to Newport Rhode Island and became prominent in church affairs.

The main Torrey lines in United States are traced to the two eldest brothers.

A daughter, Naomi married Richard Sylvester who also migrated to Massachusetts and settled in Scituate.
[Sources: Adams MCS (line 45-16) p. 41; WFT 2 #0124]
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The Torrey Families in America
1556-1924, England, United States
Citations from "The Torrey Families in America"

Philip Torrey, whose wife was Alice Richards and who has already been spoken of as our common English ancestor, mentions in his will, "my father William Torrey," who thus becomes the earliest absolutely certain ancestor of the Main Branch.

There were a few Torreys of earlier date who lived in or near Combe St. Nicholas, England: and several published works have been stated, entirely without proof, that most of these were related as father and son in such a way as to give us four generations of Torreys who lived and died in England. [Vol. one. The English Ancestry of the Main Branch]
[xxx], Philip Torrey, wife Alice Richards, married November 27, 1604, at Pitminster, Somersetshire, England. He died in 1621. Lived in Combe St. Nicholas, England; husbandman. She was daughter of James.
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