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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Hannah Benedict (Child), daughter of Hannah Carter (Benedict), daughter of John Carter, son of Hannah St. John (Carter), daughter of Matthias St. John.]

Info on Matthias St. John III
Matthias owned land at "Flaxhill," 1699. "Matthias St. John, Jr., and Daniel Kellogg to gett 300 clabbourds, etc., for school house, November 17 1699. Charge town 2s 6d for burning woods, December 21 1699. Fence Viewer, 1699- 1701. To beat ye drum (hr or his son) on Sabbath days. Feb. 21 1700-1." In 1701 Matthias Sension, St, deed land in Norwalk to his son Samuel. Town Proceedings, p. 215, January 4 1702, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut.: "The Town also voted to grant Liberty to those inhabitants, out-dwellers, for to erect shelter for their horses for the Sabbaths and publique occasions, by Matthias Sension, Jr.'s lott, in the common,-not to hinder or Obstruct his passage to his Barne and yard or Shoppe." He was to sweep the Meeting House, 1703-1705. he sold land at Rowayton and Islands lying with James Sention's et al, 1707-1709. He sold to Joseph Kellogg land next to Kellogg's hame lot, No. of Samuel Keeler, Jr.'s home lot (Norwalk., vol. iv. 225, 1710). The proprietors of Ridgefield granted to Matthias St. John home lot No. 16, drawn by him, "as appears upon record of the 5th folio, Vol 1 Rec., June 28, 1712, viz.: Samuel Saint John No. 1, Rec. July 25, 1712. Matthias Saint John No. 6. Rec. June 28, 1712. He was a Grand Juror in 1714, and Sexton of the Cong. Church @ 35s. per year in 1717. Matthew Saint John's home lot No. 18, was Rec. May 30, 1717. Also 15 1/2 a. of land, Rec. January 17, 1716-7. The proprietors granted to Matthias(3) Saint John land bounded on the W. by Matthew Jaint Joh, Rec. May 30, 1717. On February 7 1716, Matthias St. John gave to his son Nathan all his right of land in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Matthias St. John(3) is Senior in 1722 (N. L. Rec., vol. iv). In 1722 he deeded land to his sons, John, Matthias(4), and Benjamin. He and his wife were members of the Norwalk Cong. Church in 1725. In 1727 he sold his right in land that was his father's, John Bouton, Dec'd. (vol. vi. 207). In 1728-9 he deeded land to his sons John and Matthias (vol. vi. 292); "To son Benjamin the house he now dwells in, on old Meeting House Hill" (vol. vii. p. 302). John and Benjamin, brothers of Matthias(4), Jr., dec'd, appear in a deed of 1749. In 1727-8 Matthias St. John(3), St., deeded part of his Home lot to his son Benjamin, bounded N. by Oyster Shell Point. In 1730 Ebenezer to Benjamin St. John deeded land and house, "being part of ye Home lot of my deceased father, which he last lived in, in Norwalk, called East Nook." "This was located on East Ave. of to-day(1907)( and nearly opposite the old Gov. Thos. Fitch residence) now owned by Mr. Earle" (C. M. S.). Ebenezer St. John was wit. to a deed of Mathias St. John and Thomas Fitch, Jr. March 12, 1730, matthias(3) deeded land to his loving son Matthew. March 13, 1734-5 Matthias St. John was a Juror: (vol. xvii. p. 13, Bridgeport Court Rec.) Public Records of Connecticut Vol 7. Pg 91 May 1727 Samuel St. John of Ridgefield to be made Captain of the Company of trainband in Ridgefield Pg 125 October 1727 Mathew St. John of Norwalk to be Ensign parish of Wilton Town of Norwalk Pg 297 October 1730 Mathew St. John of Norwalk to be Lieutenant
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Matthias 3rd generation
Matthias was a shrewd business man and had a large part in building up many of the cities of Connecticut, and held many offices.
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