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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Mark Anthony Child, son of Increase Child, son of Ephraim Child, son of Ephraim Child, son of Benjamin Child, son of Mary Bowen (Child), daughter of Griffith Bowen.]

[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of Sarah Peak (Elmer), daughter of Lemuel Peake, son of Mehitable Perrin (Peake), daughter of Mehitable Child (Perrin), daughter of Mary Bowen (Child), daughter of Griffith Bowen.]

Ancestry of Griffith Bowen

The lineage from King Henry I to Griffith BOWEN, as prepared by Herman Nickerson, has been accepted by the Descendants of the Illegitimate Sons and Daughters of the Kings of Britain (Lineage No. 156), and appears in the September 1979 National Genealogical Society Quarterly. Essentially the same line, except for the fifth generation listed, appears in the 7th edition of Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, by Frederick Weis (1993), and is presented here. An alternate line to Twdwr Mawr, King of South Wales had been in the 1964 third edition of Ancestral Roots.... Henry I, King of England b Selby, York., 1070 died 1135 had illegitimate son Robert, E. of Gloucester born c. 1090 died 1147 by Maud FitzHamon died 1157 was father of William, E. of Gloucester died 23 November 1183 had illegitimate daughter Mabel married c. 1158 Gruffudd ap Ifor Bach died 1211 and was mother of Rhys ap Gruffudd by an unknown wife was father of Joan f. Rhys ap Gruffudd married Sir Ralph Maelog and was the mother of Ann Maelog married Sir Gwrgi Grant and was mother of Jenkin ap Gwrgi was father of Gwilym ap Jenkin was father of Ann married Hywel ap Gruffudd Fab and was mother of Hywel Fychan ap Hywel married Catrin f. Ieuan Llwyd and was father of Gwilym Gam ap Hywel Fychan married Gwenllian f. Gwilym and was father of Hywel Melyn of Ynys Derw ap Gwilym Gam was father of Ieuan Gwym ap Hywel Melyn married Mabel f. Wilcock Cradock and was father of Jenkin married Jonet and was father of Owain (Owen ap Jenkyn) married Alice f. John of Swansea and was father of Gruffudd Bowen of Slade married Ann f. Nicholas Berry of Berryharbor and was father of Philip Bowen of Slade married Elsbeth f. Hopkin John Vaughan and was father of Francis Bowen married Ellen Frankleyn and was father of Griffith BOWEN married Margaret FLEMING
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Griffith Bowen
Griffith Bowen
Born 1600 Langenith, Gower, Glamorganshire, Wales Died 1675 London, Southwark, England Parents: f - Francis Bowen born 1574 Slade, Wales married - Ellen Franklin born 1576 Slade, Wales
Spouse: Margaret Fleming married - 1627 Langenith, Gower, Glamorganshire, Wales

They had six (6) children in Wales. The family traveled to Boston in 1638-39. In 1649, Griffith and Margaret returned to Wales, taking up residence in Swansea. Records show four children remaining in New England -- Henry, Margaret, Mary, and Elizabeth. In 1669, Griffith relocated to London
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Griffith Bowen
Griffith BOWEN - born about 1600, Langewith, Gower, Wales; died 1676, probably at London, England. Son of Francis BOWEN and Ellen FRANKLIN (reportedly related to Benjamin FRANKLIN), brother of George and Elizabeth, and grandson of Philip BOWEN and Elizabeth HOPKIN. Many Royal descent lines are available for Griffith BOWEN, including a lineage showing him a descendant of Tudor Mawr, King of South Wales. Arrived in Boston in 1638 with family; joined church at Boston with wife December 6, 1638; freeman 1639; built home at corner of current Essex and Washington Streets. He returned to Wales about 1650 and resided in Swansea, Glamorganshire, South Wales. He removed to St. Saviour, Southwark, London by 1669, signing a Petition submitted and rejected in 1670, and living there until his death. Married about 1627, England.

Margaret FLEMING - Arrived in Boston 1638 with husband. Many Royal descent lines are available for Margaret FLEMING. Daughter of Henry FLEMING and Alice DAWKINS.
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Bowen of Slade
Griffith Bowen belonged to the family of the "Bowen of Slade", in parish of Oxwich, Gower, Glamorgan, Wales, and is first noted in 1632 as one of a "Jurie" in a survey of Oxwich and Nicholaston. On the 17th day of September, 1638 he and his wife, Margaret Fleming the daughter of Henry Fleming, sold property to William Bennett. They came to New England shortly after that date. They may have sailed from Bristol, England and probably brought with them five or six children. The first trace we have of them in the New World is, that on the "6th of ye same 12th month (1638) Griffith Bowen and his wife Margarett" had a "great Lott granted unto hme At Muddy River" two months after he "was one of the persons made free." The only public office Griffith was elected to while in Boston was that of perambulator at "Muddy River" and it is the last record we have of him before his departure for Wales. He must have sailed for England soon after this, taking with him his wife and some of the Children. on the 7th of April 1669, "Greiffith Bown somes of New England now a resident in London, in consideration of a contract of marriage now consumated between Isaac Addington of Boston in New England chirurgeon, and my daughter Elizabeth Bowen-confirme unto my son Isaac Addington aforesaid all my right interest and title in two parcels of land situated in Boston at present in occupation of Capt. William Davis." The court in Boston granted 0n 17 April 1676 "power of administration unto the Estate of Mr. Griffith Bowen formerly of Boston (who died in England) unto Henry Bowen his son in right of those whom it may appear to belong." His estate was not divided among his heirs until 1683. It may be that this delay was oweing to difficulties in settling his entangled Welsh estate.
REF: Edward Augustus Bowen, Esq of Woodstock, Connecticut N.E.H.G.R.
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