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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Mark Anthony Child, son of Increase Child, son of Ephraim Child, son of Ephraim Child, son of Grace Morris (Child), daughter of Grace Bett (Morris).]
Morris, Edward 1630-1689 ORIGINAL TOMBSTONE
"Original Tombstone of Edward Morris, from the burial ground on Woodstock Hill, Massachusetts. Photo appeared in "A Genealogical and Historical Register of the Descendants of Edward Morris..." J.F. Morris, Connecticut 1887"

Edward Morris and Grace Bett stone Photo by DSJ, Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut, USA
Headstone Details
Cemetery name Woodstock Hill Cemetery,
Name on headstone Mrs. Grace Morris
Birth 1634 - Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
Death 1705 - Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

Woodstock Hill Church and Cemetery

4th Great Grandparent to ABRAHAM LINCOLN - 6th Great Grandparent to WALT DISNEY / Abraham and Walt are 5th Cousins Twice removed. (In by Elizabeth. Out by Margaret. Through Walt's mother.)
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4th Great Grandparent to ABRAHAM LINCOLN - 3rd Great Grandparent to SAMUEL FINLEY MORSE / Abraham and Samuel are 4th Cousins Once removed. (In by Elizabeth. Out by Grace. Through Samuel's father)
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