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[Ancestral Link: Marvin Louis Stagge, son of Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of Sarah Peake (Elmer), daughter of Lemuel Peake, son of Jonathan Peake, son of Sarah French (Peake), daughter of Elizabeth Symmes (French), daughter of William Symmes, son of William Symmes.]

William Symmes
William Symes of Chard, Somerset, England, who was born about 1540, married Elizabeth Hill in 1570 in Somersetshire, England. They had 4 sons and 3 daughters. He died in 1597. His will indicates that he was a Merchant and that he owned 6 Manors or Estates each large enough to have a court with an English Lord presiding over it. He also owned a mill and various properties in Taunton, England. His personal estate was huge and upon his death he donated it to the town to be used as the first public school. It is still used as a school today and is standing in Chard, England. A merchant of Poundesford, Somerset, England. He owned a mill in West Coker and lands in Taunton. According to his will, he owned manors of Barwick, Boure, Stoford, Somerset, and Frankham, Dorset, and the one he lived in in Charde. Obviously he was a man of means.

His coat of arms was given him in 1591
From; "FINDINGS OF THE SIMS FAMILY" by Marolyn Davis Barield; Will dated 4 June and proved 27 July 1597 by Elizabeth Symes the relict. (66 Cobham.) Poor 23 of Chard and Pitminster. Rt Hon. Sir Ed. Seymour, Knt. Lord Seymour of Pomeroy, Devon, by deed of 29 November 31 Eliz. hath granted me an annuity of 100 marks out of the demesne of Bury Pomeroy for 99 years, if Eliz. my wife and Hen. and James my sons shall so long live. To my son John Symes £2000 according to the covenants between me and Sir John Popham, Knt., Chief Justice, and Tho. Horner, Esq. To my son Hen. 1000 marks. My son Robt £500. My son Wm. £500 at 21. My daughter Eliz. 1000 marks. My daughter Margt 1000 marks at 21 or marriage. My daughter Margery Pyne 1000 marks. Jasper Pyne my son in law living in Charde. My Manors of Barwick, Bowre, 24 and Stoford, county Som., and Frankham, county Dorset. Mill in West Coker and lands in Taunton. My manor house in Charde to Eliz. my wife for her life, and she to be Ex'trix. John Pyne, Esq., Roger Hill, Gent., and my bro. in l. Hugh Hill, Gent., to be Supervisors

The family of Roger, or Rogers, whose chief seat was at Bryanston, Dorset (see Hutchins's `Dorset,' i., 250), held Barwick for six generations, extending to the latter part of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when Sir Richard Rogers, knight, sold the manor and Advowson 47 to William Symes, of Chard, merchant.

This gentleman married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Hill of Poundisford, near Taunton, a very old Somerset family.
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  1. Many thanks for posting these details! I just found out that I am a great 10x grandson of Wm. and Eliz. Symes. I've driven by his old manor house, now the Primary School in Chard, many times without knowing my connection to it. --Wm. Andrews