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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of John Elmer, son of Mary Kibbe (Elmer), daughter of Mary Pratt (Kibbe), daughter of Ebenezer Pratt, son of Ebenezer Pratt, son of Thomas Pratt.]

THOMAS, born ca 1636, probably son of Thomas, ca 1615, both of Watertown. Authorities disagree whether there were a father/son both named Thomas or only one. Certain facts indicate there were two, probably father/son. The younger married Susannah and died 26 September 1692, Sherborn (Middlesex) at which time widow Susannah was granted administration of his estate. He is probably the same who took the Oath of Allegiance 1652, at least 16 years of age. C#107(Mr. Stephen D. Pratt, author of pater on desc. of Thomas Pratt of Watertown, Massachusetts in 1970 authored an excellent report on this family, including land records, maps, and biographical data. He suggests that Thomas of Watertown may have been he who in 1635 left Gravesend, England on the "America" age 17, bound for Virginia. However, if that passenger disembarked at Boson, he was probably Thomas of Malden and brother of Richard of Malden, also of Gravesend. An unpublished genealogy of Thomas Gleason and wife Susannah of Watertown contains a typewritten note: "It is very probable that Thomas and Susannah Gleason had another daughter born ca. 1639 who married ca. 1655 Thomas Pratt of Watertown who in 1678 bought land in Framingham next to Thomas Gleason Jr." C#15/C#80 (Mrs. Marjorie E. Bowers, 1101 S. Bay Road, Olympia, Washington 98506, Mrs. Katherine S. Moore, 20001 Marine Dr. N. W.Stanwood, Washington 98292) note: "Thomas and Susanna Gleason probably would have named a daughter Susanna; no complete list of their heirs exists. The children in the Gleason genealogy are listed by circumstantial evidence. Thomas and Susannah Gleason could certainly have had a child old enough to marry Thomas Pratt by 1655.

Thomas Gleason Jr. owned land adjacent to other land in Sudbury bought by Thomas Pratt 1678. Thomas Pratt Sr. was on of those who took inventory of Thomas Gleason Jr.,'s est. 1705. Susanna, daughter of Thomas Gleason, if she was such, had eldest brother Thomas; here next four brothers were Joseph, John, Philip and Nathaniel in that order. Thomas and Susannah Pratt used the same four names in that order for their sons, although others in between. This claim [that Susannah Pratt was nee Gleason] deserves further search although there is not much chance of better evidence. On this basis I have tentatively listed the wife of Thomas Pratt as Susannah Gleason although unproved."

Thomas, born 1656
Abigail/Abiel ca. 1658
Ebenezer, ca 1660
Joseph ca. 1662
John ca. 1665
Philip ca. 1667
Ephraim ca. 1669
Nathaniel ca. 1671
Jonathan ca 1673
David ca 1675
Jabez ca 1677

26 May 1647 took the Freeman's oath.

In 1679 he bought land in Framingham close to Gleason's pond from Thomas Eames. He lived in Sherborn.

In 1692 his wife Susanna and son John were granted administration of his estate. The estate was valued at 142.2lbs. The three youngest children according to the will were Jonathan, David and Jabez.
Source: Pg. 363, "History of Framingham"He is included in the list of inhabitants when the town of Sherborn was incorporated. Source: History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts: with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men, Pg. 697
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