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[Ancestral Link: Marvin Louis Stagge, son of Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of Sarah Peake (Elmer), daughter of Lemuel Peake, son of Jonathan Peake, son of Jonathan Peake, son of Jonathan Peake, son of Dorcus French (Peake), daughter of Susan Riddlesdale (French).]

Will, Ipswich, Massachusetts

Susan Riddlesdale. Born ca 1584 at Boxford, Suffolk. Baptized on 20 April 1584 at Boxford, Suffolk. Susan died at Ipswich, Massachusetts, in Aug 1658.

Will: On the web at Estate of Susan French of Ipswich Essex Probate Docket #10189 Administration of the estate of Susan French, deceased, granted 28: 7: 1658, to her son John French. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records vol 1, page 71.
Inventory of the estate of Susan French, widow, of Ipswich, taken March 10, 1658 by Robert Lord and Phillip (his (l) mark) ffowler:a fetherbed old and small, 2 fether pillows, one old couerlet and blankett, 2�, 18s.; her wearing apparell, 4�; one old chest and box without a lid, an oldHogshead, 8s.; a linen wheele and 2 chaires, 5s.; and old brase pot and a little ould skillet and little Iron pot, 10s.; 2 pewter dishes poringer and skimer, 8 s.6d.; 2 paire of old shires, ould brase and other small things, 12s.; an old warmeing pan and frying, 6s.; 2 small trayes, earthen ware and other lumbar,5s. 6d.; a cowe old, 3�;total 12 � 11s. 6d.
Received in Ipswich court March 29, 1659. Essex County Probate Files, Docket 10,189
Source: Printed "Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts; 1635 - 1681
"In three volumes,The Essex Institute; Salem, Massachusetts; 1916, Vol I p.272
Submitted by: Homer Scott

On 5 September 1608 Susan married Thomas French, son of Jacob French (1555-11 November 1615) and Susan Warren (-1 August 1613), at Assington, Suffolk.

Born ca October 1584 at Bures St. Mary, Suffolk. Baptized on 11 October 1584 at Bures St. Mary, Suffolk.

Thomas died at Ipswich, Massachusetts, in late 1639.
Occupation: Tailor.
Religion: Thomas was admitted to Boston church as member #128, 1632.

i. Thomas (ca 1608-1680)
ii. Alice (ca 1610-1666)
iii. Edward (ca 1612-1674)
iv. Dorcas (ca 1614-1697)
v. Susan (1614-)
vi. Ann (1617-)
vii. Margaret (Died young) (ca 1619-1635)
viii. John (ca 1622-1697)
ix. Mary (ca 1625-1697)
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