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GEORGE FELT 1638-1676

lAncestral Link: Marvin Louis Stagge, son of Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of John Elmer, son of Mary Kibbe (Elmer), daughter of Mary Pratt (Kibbe), daughter of Mary Wood (Pratt), daughter of Mary Felt (Wood), daughter of George Felt.]

An account of George Felt, Jr.'s death was recorded by a Reverend William Hubbard, a minister in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in a document called "History of the Indian Wars in New England," 1677, and recounted in the "Felt Geneology," 1893. Apparantly, during the Narragansett Indian War, 1675-78, the inhabitants of Falmouth, or Casco Bay, Maine, had been removed to the safety of a garrison on Cushing's Island (known then as James Andrew's Island). However, on the 23rd of September, 1676, George was among a group of seven men who insisted, against the advice of the captain of the garrison, on retrieving some sheep from nearby House Island (known as Mount-joyes Island then) where, "...the Indians presently set upon them, they presently betook themselves to the ruines of a stone house where they defended themselves as long as they could; but at last they were all destroyed wither with stones cast in upon them, or else with the enemies shot, except one, who, though at first it was hoped that his wounds were not mortal, yet soon after dyed thereof: Amongst them was one George Felt, much lamented, who had been more active than any man in those parts against the Indians, but at last he lost his own life amongst them, in this too desperate an adventure," (p. 29). found on

"George Felt (1). ‘Mason or Carpenter,’ born in Falmouth 25 November 1662. Married Philippe Andrews(16). He was as aggressive a pioneer as his father was unaggressive. George was fatally wounded in the old cellar on House Island, Portland Harbor, 23 September 1676, (Hubbard 166). Lived in Falmouth, Maine, never in North Yarmouth. His farm was divided in 1752 between Wm. Bartol and Wm. Bucknam. He did jury duty in 1666, and in 1668. Served on a grand jury in 1667. He was a Selectmen in 1668. Lists 25, 222b.

His widow, Philippa, married for a second time in Rowley, 19 December 1682, to a Samuel Platts. She married a third husband, on 9 April 1690, a Thomas Nelson. Philippa died 29 September 1709.

George Felt.
A daughter Mary, married in Rowley, 17 October 1689, a Josiah Wood, widower of Enfield, Connecticut, [born?] in 1729; died there 4 August 1753. They had 11 children.
Samuel. [p.229]
As the children sold sixths, there was [probably] another child."
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