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[Ancestral Link: Marvin Louis Stagge, son of Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of Sarah Peake (Elmer), daughter of Lemuel Peake, son of Jonathan Peake, son of Jonathan Peake, son of Jonathan Peake, son of Christopher Peake, son of Boniface Peake.]

Boniface Peake family
The Peake family in England

The principal information source for the Peake Family, both in England and in America is the multi-volume The Peak-Peake Family History, A Genealogical and Historical Account from the Earliest Known Origins to the Present, edited by Cyrus H. Peake, Carol J. Snow and Andrew Guy Peake (1975 and 1977, Claremont, California).

Boniface and Joane (Clarke) Peake
Boniface PEAKE - born about 1565, England; died June 26, 1620, Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton. Warden at the parish church, and husbandman. Will dated December 15, 1612, proved in 1620 at the Consistory Court of Peterborough, Lincolnshire. Children listed below in order given in will. Married July 14, 1595, Castor, Northampton. Joane CLARKE -

Children of Boniface and Joane Peake
Gilbert - born Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton.
James - born Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton.
Robert - born Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton.

William - born about 1603, Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton; died March 1, 1675/6; buried March 16, 1675/6 St. Catherine Cree, England. Alderman for Billingsgate Ward, London September 8, 1659 until his death. Knight of the Royal Oak 1660. Colonel of the Blues 1661-76. Lord Mayor of London 1667. President of St. Thomas' Hospital 1668. Married 1631, St. Dunstan in the West, Margery DAVISON, daughter of William of Horncastle, Lincolnshire. Children: Rebecca married William MAN, City Swordbearer; Mary married Sir James SMYTH, Lord Mayor of London 1684/5; Sir John Peake, Lord Mayor of London 1686/7, married Judith HALE; and Benjamin married Susanna KENDRICK.

Christopher - born about 1605, Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton; died May 22, 1666, Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Philip - born Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton.

Oliver - Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton; died 1667, Glapthorne, Northampton; buried Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton. Married Rachel. Son: Obadiah.

Mabel - born Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton.
Ann - born Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton.
Bridget - born Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton.
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Boniface Peake
Name: Boniface PEAKE
Sex: M
Birth: about 1565 in England
Death: 26 June 1620 in Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton, England
Will: 15 December 1612 Lincolnshire, England
Probate: 1620 Lincolnshire, England

From email Audrey Moran sent to the Dains Rootsweb List:Boniface Peake was the warden at the parish church in Thorpe-Achurchand a husbandman. His will dated 15 December 1612 was proved in the Consistory Court of Peterborough, Lincolnshire, in 1620. He made his wife full executrix and bequeathed to her all the rest of his goods and chattels not given to his children. With the exception of Gilbert, to whom he left 5 Pounds at age 21, all other sons were to receive 10 Pounds each at age 21 and each of his daughters were to receive 10 Pounds on the day of their marriage. The children are listed in the order given in Boniface Peake's will. It is customary in England to list first sons in order of birth and then daughters in order of birth. Gilbert, James, Robert, William, Christopher, Philip, Oliver, Mabel, Ann, Bridget

Marriage 1 Joane CLARKE
Married: 14 July 1595 in Castor, Northampton, England
Christopher PEAKE born about 1605 in Thorpe-Achurch, Northampton, England
Gilbert PEAKE
Robert PEAKE
William PEAKE born about 1603
Philip PEAKE
Oliver PEAKE
Bridget PEAKE
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Sir Boniface PEAKE.
The Surname of PEAKE was derived from the Old English word 'Pekke', and was a locational name. Local names usually denoted where a man held his land, and indicated where he actually lived. Almost every city, town or village existing in the Middle Ages has served to name one or more families. Where a man lived was his means of identification. When a man left his birthplace or village where he had been known, and went elsewhere, people would likely refer to him by the name of his former residence or birthplace, or by the name of the land which he owned. Early records of the name mention Richard Pecke, 1187 Hampshire. Hervicus Peche, 1283 County Suffolk. Ricards del Peche, was listed in the Yorkshire Poll Tax, of the year 1379. Katherine Pecke was Baptised at St. Peter, Cornhill, London in 1660. Buried. Mary Peak, at St. Dionis Backchurch, London in 1724. John Peck and Sophia Pike married at St. George's, Hanover Square, London in the year 1806. A notable member of the family name was Mervyn Laurence Peake (1911-1968) the English Author and Artist born in China, where his father was a Missionary. He was Educated at Tientsin Grammar School, Eltham College and the Royal Acadamy Schools. He taught at Westminster School of Art, where his reputation as an artist grew. He published Two Volumes of Verse and several Classics, notably 'The Hunting of the Snark' and 'The Ancient Mariner'.
Source: 4 Crests Website. Research Of Patricia McMahan-Chambers.
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