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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of John Elmer, son of Mary Kibbe (Elmer), daughter of Mary Pratt (Kibbe), daughter of Ebenezer Pratt, son of Mary Flagg (Pratt), daughter of John Bartholomew Thomas Flagg, son of Mary Underwood (Flagg).]

Arrived on a vessel named “Rose” with Captain Anderson, master of the ship. The passengers included Richard Carver of Scratby, Norfork, England, 60, his wife, Grace, 40, their twin children, Elizabeth and Susanna, 18 years old, and three servants -- Isaac Hart, Thomas Flege, 21, and a maid, Marabel Underwood, 20. Thomas and Marabel married in 1640.
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