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THOMAS CAMP 1507-1560

[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Mark Anthony Child, son of Increase Child, son of Mary Lyon (Child), daughter of Joseph Lyon, son of Joseph Lyon, son of Sarah Ruggles (Lyon), daughter of Mary Curtis (Ruggles), daughter of Mary Camp (Curtis), daughter of Richard Camp, son of Thomas Camp.]

Thomas Camp Grave

WillThomas Camp. Born ca 1507 in Nazeing, Essex. Thomas died on 15 June 1560 in Roydon, Essex, England.

Will: The following is the text of the will for Thomas Campe of Roydon, Yeoman, 15 June 1560:

"To Richard my eldest son my tenement called Snowes with appurtenances in his tenure; my tenement called Cramphornes with appurtenances in the tenure of John Skete; lands called Cottlands (5 acres); 1 acres in Nazeing Mead called Cottlands Mead; my leases (small parcels of meadow) in Nazeing Marsh; 2 acres of arable in Common (open) Field at Priest Field Corner; and 1 acre of land at Birch Croft Gore.

To James my son my tenement called Dawnes with appurtenances in the tenure of John Skranges, parcels of landlate Robert Nicoll's, i.e. Broad Field 4 acres and 1 acre, a parcel of land called Napsys (1 acre), my tenement in Roydon Street free and copy in the tenure of Stephen Leonard, my part of the lands called Baldwynes free and copy in the tenure of Sheles, a parcel of land called Jacket Hatch and two parts of the tenement of late Richard Lonnesdayle's with appurtenances in the tenure of Runyon Warde, and 2 acres of mead in Nazeing Mead in the tenure of John Yngold

To William my son my tenement called Ruddockes with appurtenances; a parcel of ground called Grovelees with appurtenances (30 acres), and a parcel of ground called Nicolles (20 acres). Provided that Margery my wife shall have and enjoy Ruddockes, Grovelees, and Nicolles for her use until Michaelmas 1562; after that term on half of Ruddockes for her life.

To Robert my son my tenement called Tylers with appurtenances late in the tenure of Ralph Wheatley; my tenement called Sydges (Fydges?) both free and copy with appurtenances in the tenure of Edward Davye, my tenement called Quarnes with appurtenances in my tenure, 1 acres in Stony Shott and 7 roods in Thorndon in my occupation, and my tenement free and copy with appurtenances called Hertes Horne in the occupation of John Yngold.

To Thomas Campe, the younger, son of Thomas Campe deceased, my lands wherein Thressher dwelleth.

I have surrendered the copyhold lands into the lord's hands by tenements of his manor. To the poorest sort of householders in Nazeing and Roydon 12d a house and to the next sort of poor 8d a house. To my godchildren 12d apiece.

To Besse Baker my servant, John Baker and Joan Borne each an ewe.

My will is that my wife pay to Joan and Mary my daughters at marriage 23 pounds apiece. The residue of my goods to my wife whom I make my executrix. I desire my brother John Bannyster to be my overseer, and for his pains 10s.

Witnesses: John Bannyster, Ranulph Blethym, John Goodge, Thomas Coke, Thomas Morefield.
Proved 30 July 1560"

Taken from "Essex Wills (England) Volume 1, 1558 - 1565", Edited by F. G.
Emmison, 1982.

ca 1532 Thomas married Joan Boreham, daughter of John Boreham and Elizabeth [Boreham]. Born ca 1511 in Hoddeson, Hertford

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