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From Lyon Memorial re John Lyon

[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of Hannah Polina Child (Elmer), daughter of Alfred Bosworth Child, son of Mark Anthony Child, son of Increase Child, son of Mary Lyon (Child), daughter of Joseph Lyon, son of Joseph Lyon, son of William Lyon, son of William Lyon, son of William Lyon, son of John Lyon, son of John Lyon.]

"According to [Albert] Welles, Henry Lyon, fourth in descent from Barn John de Lyon, left Norfolk, which had been for more than two hundred years the ancestral home, and settled at Ryslippe [Ruislip], County Middlesex. The family remained in Ryslippe through four generations, bringing us to what we may regard as unquestionable historical ground. John Lyon, born in Ryslippe about 1470, married Emma Hedde of Ryslippe, and had four sons bearing the suggestive names, Henry, Thomas, Richard and John (compare names of the three brothers who came to Fairfield County, Connecticut). John settled in Little Stanmer, County Middlesex; his wife's name was Joan, and their oldest son, born about 1540, was William, who married Isabel Wightman, daughter and heiress of William and Audry (Deering) Wightman of Harrow on the Hill. William lived for a time (1596) in London, but was buried September 7, 1624, at Little Stanmer. He had a brother Thomas, whose son William was called the Marquis of Southwold, and was owner of the ship Lyon which brought to America so many emigrants.
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