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JOHN FLEGG 1465-1536

[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of John Elmer, son of Mary Kibbe (Elmer), daughter of Mary Pratt (Kibbe), daughter of Ebenezer Pratt, son of Mary Flagg (Pratt) daughter of John Bartholomew Thomas Flagg, son of Thomas Flegg, son of Allen Flegg, son of John Flegg, son of Richard Flegg, son of John Flegg.]

All Saints church, Shipdham, County Norfolk, England

Shipdham Town Green, County Norfolk, Shipdham, County Norfolk, England

The Flegg Pedigree 15 [John Flegg (1465-1536)]Pages 417-419; Genealogical Notes on the Founding of New England: My Ancestors Part in that Undertaking
By Ernest Flagg
Published by Genealogical Pub. Co., 1973
ISBN 0806305339, 9780806305332
440 pages
Reprint of the 1926 ed.

15. John13 Flegg (14. James12, William11, John10, John9, William8, Philip7, Philip6, Philip5, Sir John4, Sir John3, Henry2, Algar1), was born about 1465, and as a lad is mentioned in the will in 1480 of his uncle Sir [Rev.] William12 Flegg, who desired he should become a priest and provided means for his education therefore at Cambridge University. But the youth did not avail himself of this opportunity, became a yeoman like his ancestors, and doubtless most of his father’s lands were settled upon him by deeds of enfeoffment. To these properties he succeeded in 1527 on the death of his father, and he is also mentioned in the latter’s will.

Previous to 1500, John13 Flegg settled permanently in Shipdham (which parish adjoins East Bradenham on the east). Walter Rye, Esq., of Norwich, has translated copies of the court rolls of the Manor of Shipdham from 1500 to 1509, and from 1553 to 1558, and from these rolls the following items about John13 Flegg have been obtained:

Court of manor of Shipdham held on Friday after the Feast of the Annunciation, 15 Henry VII [27 March 1500]: John Flegge on a jury for the Leete of Shipdham.

Court held on Friday after the Feast of the Annunciation, 18 Henry VII [31 Mar. 1503]: John Platfote and Thomas Platfote his brother and Thomas Wenne, present in court, surrendered into the hands of the lord of the manor three roods of customary arable land of the tenement of William son of Ralph, to the use of John Flegge and his heirs, to whom seisin thereof is delivered, to hold by the rod at the will of the lord by service and custom; and said John pays a fine of 12d., acknowledges fealty, and is admitted tenant, etc. At the same court John Flegge was one of the jury out of twenty-four head boroughs [tithingmen] of the Leete of Shipdham.

Court held on Thursday after the Feast of St. Faith the Virgin, 19 Henry VII [12 October 1503]: Essoms [excuses for absence]; John Platfote by John Flegge. In the list of head boroughs [tithingmen] appears John Flegge.

Court held on Friday before the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, 21 Henry VII [17 July 1506]: John Flegge a head borough.

Court held on Friday before Michaelmas, 23 Henry VII [24 September 1507]: William Leveryngton, by the hand of John Fleg, and in the presence of Thomas Platefoot, Sen., and Thomas Maygall, has surrendered certain arable lands in Shipdham to the use of Marian his wife and Robert his son, etc.

In the parish chest of Shipdham are preserved four volumes of church wardens’ accounts from 1511 to 1710, which have these few mentions of John15 Flegg: 1511, received of John Flegge for questword [legacy] of Jone Skeyton, 9s. and 6s. 8d.; 1517, “reed off ye drynking yt John Symunds, John Flege, Thomas Platfote and John Todman made, 14s.;” 1524, received of John Fleg 5s. 4d.; 1536, received of “owld John Fleg” 6s. 8d. The “drinking” mentioned was an annual custom of the parish, and is regularly mentioned in the accounts.

In the subsidy of 15 Henry VIII (1523), roll for Mitford Hundred, county Norfolk, Shipdham has over a hundred names, including John13 Flegge who was rated 120s. [£6] on goods, for which he paid a tax of 3s., the largest assessment in the parish. (Lay Subsidy, Norfolk, 150-214.) His eldest son William14 Flegg was the only other Flegg in Shipdham on this roll.

The will of John Fleg of Shipdham, the elder, dated 25 January 1535/6. My soul to God, St. Mary, and all the saints in heaven, and my body to be buried in the churchyard of Shipdham. To the high altar there, the repairs of the church, the guild of Shipdham, and Christ Church [Cathedral] in Norwich. A solemn dirge mass to be sung on my burial day. To Margaret my wife, two milch cows, all her household stuff, a round brass pot, a round pan, etc., for life, with remainder to my son Richard. To Joane my daughter, 26s. 8d. and a “chesill with a bill” [pruning fork], and a “potell panne” [two quart measure]. All residue of goods to my executors, viz. William Fleg my son and Richard Bushe, to each of whom 20s. Witnesses, Walter Burnell, clerk [clergyman], Thomas Alen, Peter Water, Simon Newell. Proved 2 Jan. 1536/7. (Archdeaconry of Norfolk, register for 1534-1540, fol. 95.)

John13 Flegg died in Shipdham in 1536, aged seventy years. He married about 1490, Margaret Wenne, sister of Thomas Wenne of Shipdham and East Dereham, whose will dated 1 December 1533, mentions his sister Margaret Flegg.

Children, born probably Shipdham:
i. William14, born about 1400.
ii. Thomas, born about 1403; settled in Westfield (a parish adjoining Shipdham on the north) where he is listed in the subsidy of 15 Henry VIII (1523), as assessed 18d. on goods valued at 60s. He died in early manhood in the autumn of 1524, predeceasing both his father and grandfather. The will of Thomas Flegge of Westfield, dated 31 August 1524. Requests to the high altar, for church reparations, to the guild of Shipdham, to the Catheral of Norwich, and for masses and doles to the poor of Westfield. To my daughter Margaret, 40s. at the age of twenty years. To my son Henry, 8 marks [£5-6-8] at the age of twenty years. To my wife Mawt, my house and lands and all my moveable goods, she to fulfill my will and be sole executrix. Supervisor, Herry Wynset. Witnesses, William Flegge, John Cowper, Richard Bush, Thomas Wenne. Proved at East Dereham by the executrix, 10 Nov. 1524. (Archdeaconry of Norfolk, register for 1524-1531, fol. 112.) He married about 1517, Maud ----- who survived him.
Children: 1. Margaret15, born about 1518. 2. Henry, born about 1520; died in 1583. On 13 November 1583, administration on the estate of Henry Flegg, late of Westfield, deceased, was granted to his widow Margaret. (Administrations in Archdeaconry of Norfolk.) No record of his family has been obtained as the registers of Westfield before 1700 are lost. He was probably grandfather of Samson Flegg of Westfield who left two daughters and whose will dated 16 February 1630/1 was proved 21 May 1634. (Consistory of Norfolk, vol. for 1634, p. 166.)
iii. Richard14, born about 1500. (Ancestor of the Flaggs of America.)

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