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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of Sarah Peake (Elmer), daughter of Lemuel Peake, son of Jonathan Peake, son of Hannah Leavens (Peake), daughter of Hannah Wood (Leavens), daughter of Mary Parmenter (Wood), daughter of John Parminter, son of William de Parmenter, son of George de Parmenter, son of George Parmenter.]

George Parmenter Jr.
1. George Parmenter Jr.1 was born about 1520. He died in 1591/2 in Little Yeldham, Essex, England. He was buried 7 May 1591/2 in Little Yeldham, Essex, England. He appears at Little Yeldham as George Parmenter, Jr., in the lay subsidy of 1542-1544 for Little Yeldham, along with another George Parmenter who was most likely his father. During his lifetime he held lands and goods in the villages of Ovington, Little Yeldham and Tilbury-Juxta-Clare. Records show a George Parmenter in the court rolls for Tilbury-Juxta-Clare in 1558 for assessments on the copyhold lands called Crenehouse and Richolds (E.R.O. ref. No. D/Du 432/4).

He must have lived in Ovington for a time, since at least two of his children were baptized at Ovington, and he is found in the lay subsidy of 1565-66 for Ovington (Parish Reg., Ovington and lay subsidy rolls, Public Record Office, London).

He next appears in the 1571-72 lay subsidy for Little Yeldham; and he was probably the brother of Robert Parmenter who was buried at Little Yeldham on May 1, 1594, and likely the brother to John Parmenter of Tilbury-Juxta-Clare who appears in the 1565-66 and 1571-72 lay subsidy rolls for that parish.

George was buried in the churchyard of Little Yeldham; and according to his will his wife, Alice, inherited his tenements and land in Little Yeldham, called Madges and Bushelyes, and his copyhold lands in Tilbury-Juxta-Clare. George Parmentr the elder of Over Yeldham in the county of Essex, yeoman, signed his will 8 May 1591 by mark, requesting burial in the churchyard there (a transcription of the will appears in the Register, 68(1914):262]

George Parmenter Jr. and Alice were married in England. Alice1 was buried on 23 August 1592 in Castle Hedingham, Essex, England. She died. Alice inherited her husband's property and lands. She died soon after George. She filed an affidavit with the court stating that she was unable to travel to Braintree, Essex, for the probate of George's will, due to health. Alice was buried in Castle Hedingham on 23 August 1592.

George Parmenter Jr. and Alice had the following children:
i.Robert Parmenter.
ii.Christian Parmenter.
iii.Katherine Parmenter.
iv.Richard Parmenter.
v.George Parmenter III.
vi.Alice Parmenter1 died by 1612.3 She was born in Essex, England.
vii.Joane Parmenter.
viii.Edward Parmenter.
ix.William Parmenter.
x.Elizabeth Parmenter1 was born in 1565 in England. She was christened on 27 July 1565 in Ovington, Essex, England. She died. Probably died young as she is not mentioned in the wills of her father or bothers.
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