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Susannah (Dake) 1701

Susannah Deake
No record of either birth or death have been found yet for Susannah, perhaps because no one had thought to check the records of New London, Connecticut.  Legend has it that she was Welsh and that her family entered Rhode Island with Roger Williams in 1637.  Susannah is known to have joined the Sabbatical church of Westerly.  (The present 7th Day Baptist Church) which was organized in 1708. 

Church records show that she withdrew from that church in 1754.  Quote "At a church meeting held at the church in Westerly on the 29th day of December 1754, present Elder Thos. Clark and approximately 22 other members.  Elder Clark, Geo. Stillman, Joshua Clark and Zacheus Reynolds made report that they, agreeable to their instructions from the church had visited the following members viz: Samuel Burdick, Jr., Hubbard Burdick, son of Robert, and his wife Tacy, Samuel Maxson and his wife Ruth, Ann Lewis wife of John, Jane West, Richmond Reynolds, Joseph Reynolds, Jr., Susannah Deake and Hubbard Burdick's wife, and they all declared that they had and did withdraw themselves from this church.  Wherefore this church doth esteem them to have broken covenant with this church and gone off from us.  December 29, 1754.

Note: These people all lived in the northwest corner of the Town and may have broke off to form their own church.  Hubbard Burdick's farm joined the Deake place.

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