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[Ancestral Link: Lura Minnie Parker (Stagge), daughter of Minnie May Elmer (Parker), daughter of Mark Alfred Elmer, son of William Elmer, son of Sarah Peake. (Elmer)]

SARAH (SALLY) PEAKESarah Peake known also as Sally or Polly was born 9 July 1784 at Pomfret, Woodstock, Vermont, the daughter of Lemuel Peake and Joanna Ellingwood of Vermont.

She was married about 1801 to John Elmer who was born 22 September 1776 at Somers, Tolland, Connecticut, the son of William Elmer and Mary Kibbe. Sarah and John were the parents of 9 children as follows:

Tryphena Born 27 April 1802, Norwich, Windsor, Vermont.
Married (1) Peter John Chamberlain

Cynthia Born 1804, Norwich, Windsor, Vermont.
Married (1) James Swett (Sweat)

Samuel Tifield Born 1805-6, Norwich, Windsor, Vermont.
Married Sarah McDonald

Wealthy Born 1808, Norwich, Windsor, Vermont.
Married (1) David Elmer

John Born 1810, Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont.
Married (1) Esther York

Sarah (Sally) Born 20 Sep 1813, Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont
Married (1) Luther Sweat

Hiram King Born 4 June 1816, Norwich, Windsor, Vermont.
Married (1) Lucina Elmer (2) Mary Huffman

William Born 16 Sep 1820, Norwich, Windsor, Vermont
Married Hannah Polina Child

Ira Barlett Born 2 Aug 1823, Norwich, Windsor, Vermont
Married (1) Elizabeth Eveline Wright (2) Sarah Selina Leicht

Sarah was converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the same time as her husband. They were living good Christian lives and made it a habit to read the Bible and try to understand the scriptures. So when some of the first Elders were sent to the New England States and came to their home in Vermont she and her husband quickly accepted them as messengers of God having the true gospel. She was baptized the same day as her husband, one day after the Elders had talked to them about the restoration of the Gospel and its principles. She was baptized in July of 1831.

Sarah (Sally) Peake was the eighth child of Lemuel Peake, born 30 September 1733, Woodstock, Connecticut, and Joanna Ellingwood, born 29 July 1739, Pomfret, Vermont. Her brothers and sister were as follows:

Violetta Peake Born 8 October 1762, Woodstock, Connecticut
Married 7 November 1793 to Rufus Peake
Sophia Peake Born 3 November 1760, Woodstock, Connecticut
Jonathan Peake Born 13 January 1765, Woodstock, Connecticut, Married Sarah
Lemuel Peake Jr. Born about 1767, Woodstock, Connecticut, Married 30 June 1796 to Marian Bugbee
William Peake Born about 1769, Woodstock, Connecticut, Married 19 October 1797 to Sally Bugbee
Thomas Peake Born about 1771, Woodstock, Connecticut
Lucy Peake Born about 1773, Woodstock, Connecticut, Died 25 September 1798 at Pomfret, Vermont

Her Paternal Grandparents were Jonathan Peake and Mehitable Perrin.
Her Maternal Grandparents were Jonathan Ellingwood and Joanna Hunt.

Her husband John Elmer came to Utah in the Uriah Curtis Company arriving in Salt Lake City 3 October 1852, after a long hard trip across the plans. (Sarah died and was buried in Indiana 1838 before they started to Utah.)

She was sealed to her husband John Elmer at the Recorders Office, Winter Quarters, 6 May 1848 at 3:55 p.m. by Brigham Young, when her husband John Elmer and his second wife Harriet Gould Brunson were married for time only and each of them had their first companions sealed to them.
Information obtained from Family Records, also record of Vermont P5Bpp115-116, Pomfret Vermont, Vol. 2 p. 551; Bowen History of Woodstock, Connecticut, Vol. 8 p. 93.

“Graves Along the Way”
Sarah (Sally) Peake
Born 9 July 1784
Pomfret, Woodstock, Vermont
Died 1838 buried in Indiana
Married 1801 to John Elmer

Written by Wilma Wride
14 December 1968

Submitted by Wilma Elmer Wride
January 1969
Her Great, Great, Granddaughter
Of Camp Peteetneet
Of Daughters of Utah Pioneers
Of South Utah County
Payson City Utah

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  1. Hi, i wanted to comment on the photo of Sarah (Sally) Peake. She died in 1838 probably in Ohio and photograps were not invented until 1839 and didnt arrive in the USA until the early 1840' this photograph cant possibly be her :+